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Telus is horrible

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Customer service is a joke. Christmas time is no excuse. Hire more **bleep** people


Hiring more people wont happen . Telus customer service is about the appearence of helping and caring. If more people were hired, the CEO would not get his golden toilet.




No, holiday time is not an excuse, it's a reason, a valid, consistent reason that's foreseen yearly and attempts made to mitigate, but Christmas is not the greatest cause of the current issues. In corporate-speak a reason is defined as factual, verifiable, consistent with business, and unavoidable; the sudden 10g plan slam, the reason for the current sluggishness, was not foreseen. An excuse is the opposite of a reason, it's illogical, avoidable, inconsistent, etc. That you may disagree with the reason does not take away its validity.

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@Billy91 wrote:
Customer service is a joke. Christmas time is no excuse. Hire more **bleep** people

Like at the supermarket, it is not as simple as hiring more people. You need to have the training and infrastructure to make it work. Doubling the number of cashiers doesn’t increase the number of tills.

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Training and infrastructure cost money and that would cut into the VP bounes. So cut customer service to a minimum. Thus lousey customer service.



I've had several calls with Telus over the last few days. I found the CSRs in the Philippines are not only annoying to listen at the best of times with their thick accents but when they just read from the script in front of them, interrupt you that they will call you back because their system is down and never do, well, there's issues present. 


Was it not for the other CSRs I dealt with who very personable and not robotic, I would be the first to agree with the OP. Telus needs to do a better job with these oversees call centres. 

It is not going to change. Telus does not care abouts its customers once it has your money. Good customer care costs money