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Telus Scam


Was a MTS customer migrated over recently to Telus, not by choice.  Was offered a "fabulous deal" that turned out to be too good to be true.  Was told when I migrated that I was eligible for the Samsung S8+ for zero dollars after the welcome credits.  Great!  Truth is that when it came time to actually do the upgrade I was going to end up having to pay out of pocket $355 AND have to sign a much higher rate plan $75.  Nice try, Telus.  Thankfully, I hadn't signed anything with Telus before realizing this was a scam.  Off to Rogers!



Hi Heather, did you have a term with MTS already? It sounds like you have a device balance on your existing MTS term which would need to be paid off before subsidizing a new device, as is the case with any carrier. balance due to MTS.  I own my phone outright.  This was a typical scam by Telus to get me to migrate to them and not to another carrier like Rogers.  Gladly, Im able to go to Rogers and take my 3 phones with me (2 teenagers as well as myself).  Good riddance.   

That's unusual, Please reach out to the Client Care dept via chat from a computer at or call 1-866-558-2273 so that they can look further into that for you.

Thanks Dimo-X.  I did just that.  I contacted a representative who told me that I was wrong.  I think I'll just go with Rogers.  I'm very wary of companies that promise one thing and deliver another.  I was with MTS for 20 years, never had an issue.  My household has 5 phones, all were with MTS.  My oldest son choose to go with Rogers and the rest of us stayed with MTS.  Then we got the notice of migration.  I was more than willing to give it a go, but given my experience so far, am not planning to stay.  I will move my 3 phones (Lines) to ROgers and my husband will follow suit when his contract is up in 4 months.

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I just had a Telus representative come to my door.  She assured me that Telus is using door to door service because customers like the direct face to face contact.  She said that because records show that I was a loyal customer, Telus was offering a 200.00 prepaid Visa card.  I was wary of her intentions but she did not ask for personal information so I went ahead.  It turns out I get an email saying that in order to get the 200.00 Visa card, I was signed up for a two year contract with Telus Internet and I have now signed up for Optik TV.  I feel totally duped and I spent much of the evening with Customer Service to say that I did not want this and that I was very angry about this practice.  They assured me that I wasn't signed up for anything, but I don't know if it just isn't processed yet.  The fine print on the contract says I have 10 days to cancel this and I wonder if they will process it on the 9th day.  I am disappointed and angry with this practice to "fool" the customer to sign up for Optik TV.  This has changed my perception of Telus and I may not wish to continue with them.  This is an untrustworthy and dishonest scheme.  I am trying to email someone from Telus but they do not have an email address.  They only have phone numbers and I'm not willing to wait in line again to contact Customer Care.  Has anyone else experienced this. 

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   There is a similar story here. Hopefully your discussion with Customer Service will address your concern.


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@Disappointed1-- It seems you can only email for mobility issues, which I mostly do. The post @NFtoBC linked to that reflects your issue is solved nicely, and I hope your issue gets solved the same way. I think Telus should know that in this age door-to-door is not the way to go. People taken by surprise become suspicious and aren't at their most attentive to what's being said. It's just bad strategy.


For a communications company, Telus is not great with communication. The language they use is muddled at best. But if you can get time with a real support person, very often misunderstandings can be resolved without too much struggle. I've been having a back and forth by email with Telus the last few days over a tax issue (contract issue) and my Rep and his team have been all kinds of great. I'm sure they'll get it solved for me.


Good luck to everybody. Smiley Happy