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Telus Samsung Galaxy S3 not sending messages while it has service

Just Moved In

So I have a samsung Galaxy s3, and when I send text messages sometimes they don't send even when I have full service. The only way to send them after this is to either restart the phone, or turn airplane mode on and off again which is turning into  pain when you have to do it 5 times a day. Waiting a while, like 10-15 minutes and sending another message will result in the new message sent, but not the first one. Can anyone help?



Hi SirGavmister, regarding your message issue, we'll need to know about it in order to help. Are you able to make/receive phone calls? Are you having issues receiving text messages? Are you having this issue with everyone you're trying to text message? Were you using an Iphone before???

Let's start with this and maybe our friends here will have another solution. Keep us posted!

"they don't send even when I have full service"
What do you mean by full service? Are you talking about the signal strength?

If restarting your phone consistently fixes it then it sounds like a hardware issue with your S3.