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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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No I was testing to see how long it would take the device to automatically download and it did not so I forced a manual update.

Still waiting for Pie/OneUI update for the Note8. Today is the last day for Samsung to meet it's provisional target of February 2019 and then it's up to Telus. The sooner the better. Anyone got there official update yet for the Note8?

@Dexopilis Not sure why you and others feel this is on Telus.  Telus or any other Canadian mobile provider haven't pushed updates since the CRTC forced all Canadian Mobile providers to sell devices unlocked and unlock current devices for free ( As of December 1st, 2017 ) 

The updates are pushed from Google to Samsung.  Then, once Samsung is confident with the release, they push the update directly OTA to Canadian Devices.  The Software Update Life-Cycle is now null and void.  This is the reason the schedule is never updated anymore until AFTER updates are pushed, if at all, and also the reason that you will find an "OS Update Schedule" posted from Samsung on "Samsung Members" Notices area.   If you don't believe me, contact Samsung or Telus and ask them yourself.

So long story short.  It's not up to Telus.  It's up to Samsung.  They do batches of OTA updates.  For example, when the OTA for the S8 hits in March, some people will get it on the first day, others possibly a few days later.  This is all done to avoid over loading the network.

@A_Kron why was my post removed? (it was the last post, a reply to mhinc)

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Hey @Mcfly just took a look and it looks like your post contained a URL to a page that was caught by our system. It flags any posts that contain links that aren't in our safe list.

Is it possible to retrieve my post and remove the link?

I don't have access to it anymore 😞

@Mcfly No worries! I will send you a private message with your original post shortly. Robot Happy

@mhinc, that's partially true

I've worked for a few years on the device team of a major canadian telco and the Software Update Life-Cycle is very much alive. Although it is true that updates are pushed from Google to Samsung, Samsung still needs to tweak things on their customization layer (in this case OneUI). The test loads are then sent to the carrier (i.e. Telus) for testing as each device still has an individual load that is specific to the carrier (even if devices are unlocked). The carrier ID of the load is present in the CSC . Why you ask? Well quite simply because not all networks are the same. Each network implements 3G, 4G and 5G technology differently because of deployment frequencies, band aggregation, RCS presence or not, VoLTE, VoWifi....the list goes on. A carrier has a few weeks to run their test plans and submit them back to Samsung in the 1st wave of testing before a 2nd wave happens with a corrected load. These days only 2 waves happen so that carriers don't slow down the process of a national update rollout...which goes out in batches as you point out...

Any word from Telus as to when the update will be pushed to our devices?

I've seen the Telus OS Update Schedule for the S8 series & Note8. Says that they are scheduled to get One UI April 1st... I'd post the screen shot showing this but I don't think that it's possible here..

Here's the link to the Telus OS Update Schedule (couldn't find how to edit my previous post).

Note 8 is getting an update to Android Pie. 1.6GB download

Does anyone's WiFi calling stop working on their Note 8 after the update?

I can't reactivate mine...

i have no idea i am sill using an s7 edge i do have a s9+ but i can't seem to get used to the size and weight of it.. as for wifi calling i have never used it but after the security update on the s7 edge my phone only works if someone calls me if i call them they can't hear me even if i yell at the phone so slowly they are disabling features and making us switch to newer worked great till the last security update now it became a door stop/tire chock when i work on my car

@Mustang_Driver I really don't think anyone is purposely disabling features or breaking things to force you to upgrade.

I haven't seen any other complaining about the same issues.  Have you tried a factory reset to correct the issues?


i think the big companies do intentionally erase code in products near end of life because if they didn't then the older phones would still be in working order, after i installed the last security update my phone has done some whacky stuff even after i factory restarted it, i will only hold a charge for 3 hours now as to where it would be good for 2 days, will not connect via bluetooth to my OBD2 Sensor anymore,my bluetooth headphones only one side works now,ghost calls(nobody on the other end when you answer,when you call person that you called cannot hear you but you can hear them) so yeah some lines of code might be missing to make the phone seem like its acting like it's time to give it up but after June i am giving my contract up and NOT renewing it..... i pay close to 85 dollars per month for 300 minutes and 1 gig of data i think as canadians were are being over charged for everything as soon as it crosses the border verizon 4 lines w unlimited data for 100 per month i think i might go with Freedom mobile next but i need to look further into them..... 10gigs per month for 60 dollars that is still a better deal then i can get with telus even after talking to the retention team

@Mustang_Driver I know people using Galaxy S4s that still work fine.  Updates on flagships are only done for 3 years.  I also have an old S7 just received a security update the other day, still works great.  No issues.  

As for prices.  Yes, it's nuts for Canada, not just Telus.  But all the big one.  Freedom is great, IF you are within their coverage area.  Unfortunetely I am in Fort Erie and it's not quite there yet. There are too many surrounding blurbs of light orange.


Before I commit.  I need to see 100% coverage for the entire Niagara Region.


Ya know, it would be really nice just once, to receive a Security update on a Flagship phone in the same month the security update is for.


well for unlimited calling in canada and 10Gb+3Gb bonus for 50 dollars sure makes me wonder why i am paying 150per month for 2 phones... i could easily save myself 50 per month.... i pay 85 permonth for one line and 57 for the other this wireless thing is getting out of controlwith 3 main companies that control pricing like i said down in the USE you get 4 lines on unlimited calling and data and 4 new phones for 100 per month. we are getting screwed in canada and i have 1 more month and my contract is up and i am not renewing so we will see what happens next month

Did anyone receive s10+ camera update for night mode? I have April update but no night mode while other users have the night mode enables after the last update.

I was wondering the same thing.  Mobile Syrup said it was imminent over a month ago.  I'm really looking forward to this feature.