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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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At least they receive monthly patches. LG is worse imo. The V20 hasn't gotten any update in almost a year. A friend of mine has a G6 and he had to flash different regions for the latest patches.

According to Rogers upgrade schedule, it will be on April 5th for them. Let's hope it will be the same for Telus.


My Telus Note 8 is getting the Oreo update right now, it's 4:38AM March 3rd, File Size 1259.48MB
Excitement level: High

Same ! Finally ! 🙂

Did anyone got wifi calling to work? I am getting an error at the Telus website after entering my cell #

Same here, WIFI doesn't seem to work, my number is not recognized.

I am glad that I am not the only one who can't register wifi calling on my note 8

WOW I love this forum... People complaining about late updates and now about the bugs they have after updating... Lollll.
Now I know I will not update my S7 till bugs are fixed.
Sorry for all the people that did this update.
My S7 is running So fine... 🙂

I'm just waiting to get an update from SAMSUNG for my S7 Edge as the phone i have is a POS to start with for calls Once they get the kinks worked out for the Network on my phone i might be happy with it but as it stands it is only a TXT'ing phone as that seems to work flawlessly. I have complained about the phone since i got it and telus said there was nothing they could do for me unless i bought out the phone and got a new one with an upgraded contract... so i originally went from $40 to 45+20 for data now i pay 55+30 for data which i never use as the network LTE is turned off and i only use WIFI and for 300 minutes i only use 5 minutes per month... i am better off cancelling my contract and going pay as you go... for me it makes alot more sense

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Yes, if you text only there are better options. 

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Pixel 2 XL.

I received the April 1st security update when Im supposed to get April 5th per Google. The April 1st contains security breaches fix and it's the updated ASOP image. The April 5th update contains all the Pixel 2 XL hotfixes. I have an issue with cores not going to sleep and the hotfixes are in the April 5th.

I contacted Google they said all Pixel 2 XL should recieved the latest update which is April 5th. I contacted Telus and lvl. 3 support said that April 1st will be the only update pushed as April 5th is too "customized" per Telus standards ...

If this is the case, I am furious at Telus preventing Pixel users getting the latest update. I bought this phone to get fast updates and the carrier finds a way to bottleneck the updates.

I saw that the list isn't updated for the Pixel XL 2 ... Was I fed wrong information by corporate support ?I would like to have some answer if the April 5th update will get pushed.

WELL i got up this morning and did a manual software update check and low and behold there it is a 1.3Gb download waiting in the wings mind you i never received the OTA notification but it was there now i have 8.0.0 running on the Samsung s7 Edge hopefully the phone will act a little better and am hoping that the call drop feature has been resolved new Base-band G935W8VLU3CRE3 and build is R16NW.G935W8VLU3CRE3 like i say i have the s9+ and i just haven't been able to pry the s7 away from my hand and use it yet still in the box after 4 weeks after acquiring it

Does Telus have an OS Update Schedule anywhere? for S8+ and S9+?

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No. As discussed in previous posts in this thread, updates are now posted as they occur, rather than in advance.
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Thanks - I'm new here & I thought that it was previously available for upcoming os updates

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Samsung is known for being slow to release major updates. has a chart of estimated release dates for the US. Canada is usually a little behind the US. 


DeviceAndroid Pie eligibilityExpected release date
Galaxy Note 9EligibleQ1 2019
Galaxy Note 8EligibleQ2 2019
Galaxy S9EligibleQ1 2019
Galaxy S9+EligibleQ1 2019
Galaxy S8EligibleQ2 2019
Galaxy S8+EligibleQ2 2019
Galaxy S8 ActiveEligibleQ2 2019
Galaxy S8 LiteEligibleQ2 2019
Galaxy A8+EligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy A8 (2018)EligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy A8 Star (A9 Star)EligibleQ2 2019
Galaxy A6EligibleQ2 2019
Galaxy A6+EligibleQ2 2019
Galaxy J8EligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy J7 StarEligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy J7 DuoEligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy J6EligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy J4EligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy J3 2018EligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy J3 StarEligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy Amp Prime 3EligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy On6EligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy Tab S4EligibleQ2 2019
Galaxy Tab S3EligibleQ3 2019
Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018)EligibleQ3 2019

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Oh!! Wifi calling Sept 4 for S9???

Please be true!

My S9+ Finally has WiFi calling.


Took 3 hours to setup....there's a bug in the update, and Telus support had to mess around with it for, yes, 3 hours, to get it to enable properly.


What a nightmare.



Thanks for posting this, been looking for an update schedule, just hope Telus isn't as slow getting updates pushed out as they were in previous years.

Did anyone hear any rumors about S8/S9 & Samsung One (PIE) update?


Supposed to be January....but Telus likely delays it...

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Samsung hasn't released anything in North America yet. The S9 will get it first. Eventually the S8 will also, likely a couple months+ after the S9. Samsung likes to release updates on a country by country basis. Typically starting in Europe. 


Now depending on which website you look at, the release dates vary a couple months. The dates also don't specify which country the release date is for either. German S9s were the first to get Pie. One listing I found shows a list of countries that will be getting Pie sooner. USA and Canada are not on that list. Canada usually gets the update after the USA gets it. It would be nice if Samsung just had a global release rather than staggering it.

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