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Software Update Schedule Discussion

Just Moved In

Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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Are your questions directed at me?
I have a Telus Note 8 (direct from Telus) running the leaked Oreo build (CRB9). VoLTE and HD calling worked fine before flashing Oreo. VoLTE stopped working because i am running USA software on a Canadian phone. My Model number and CSC changed as a result, which is why it stopped working. That is normal. I just figured out how to get it working again by flashing the CSC and modem from the most current Telus Nougat version (BRA5).

As a result, i have fully functioning Oreo with all the Telus goodies intact.

Looks like Fido is first in Canada to announce Oreo Update on the S8 and S8+  Scheduled for March

Yep. It looks like the LG G6 and V30 are getting it in March too.

Heres hoping that this fuels a fire under Telus butt to be first to market in Canada.
I'd like to at least see an update to the schedule to show a month like Fido. Give us something. From what I've heard Oreo is amazing in thr sense of fluid, fast and battery saving. A dramatic difference from N.

Yep. I heard that it runs really well on the S8 and S8+ and fixes issues from Experience 8.1. Here's hoping it comes soon to not only the S8, but other Samsung devices and Android devices.

It looks like the Canadian Variant of the Note8 recently got Wifi Certified for Oreo. It's coming!

Friendly Neighbour

Hello May I ask is the beta worth the trouble updating to?

Also what are the steps and does it trip Knox?

Does Samsung Pay still work?

And lastly how did u put back all the Telus settings so u can still use all the features?


Thanks in advance, Sorry for all the questions

Helpful Neighbour

I have a Samsung source that is reporting the ETA for Android Oreo launch in Canada will be March 12th for the S8 and S8+ and May 22nd for the S7. So far this source has been relatively accurate on past security patch updates. So if you have an S8 or S8+ we are less than 2 weeks away from an official launch.


I love the beta. It's 100% stable (the last few builds). So it's worth it for me.

No, it doesn't trip Knox as they are still official builds.

Samsung pay disappeared for me, but a factory reset would fix that if i cared.

All Telus features still work as long as you flash the CSC from the latest Telus software after flashing Oreo.

Hmm, very interesting. Exciting if true! Looks like the S7 is going to take quite some time.

Friendly Neighbour
I have a note 8, any word on Canadian timing???

Friendly Neighbour
Any chance you wouldn't mind helping me with the steps to flash it and the telus csc and enable Samsung pay back?

I hope Not too long... been waiting for awhile and mines even unlocked... but last night i did get an update that i thought was the big one but was 200+megs and is a security update to february 2018 and has the baseband version number G935W8VLUBRB2

Google it, it's easy. It's posted on XDA

Yea I got the Feb Patch too, a few days ago on my A5. (Im on Freedom)

Head to XDA forums. There's a giant thread on it. Read, read and read some more. 🙂



Hey thanks for the info.  Question is.  Is that the date Oreo is released to mobile providers in Canada to START testing?  Or do Canadian mobile providers already have Oreo and the expected release date to subscribers is on or around that date?

I am assuming it's just the launch from Samsung to Canada.  Not meaning we will see it OTA from Telus then.


I would assume that would be the release date for Oreo, as the carriers have probably tested for a couple of weeks now

Friendly Neighbour
Ok thank you



I doubt Telus would only test for 2 weeks, that's not very typical of them, testing usually takes much longer.

but I guess we shall see


Well the schedule has updated and no sign of Oreo on the S8 or S8+ yet 😞

And in true Telus Fashion, it was updated after the updates they added were already done.  NOT in advance