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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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yeah it's a shame that i have only had the phone 1.5 yrs and it has been NOTHING but problems i figured the iPhone would be better but i just don't like ios as i have been an android user for far too many years i still have an operational LG thrill 3D phone i fire it up every now and then but i just don't have a use for it anymore and it isn't worth anything but these phones nowadays are being churned out too fast seems like i just got the iPhone 7plus then the 8,9,X came out back to back and now i hear iPhone 11 is due this year..... am i going to upgrade...NO i need to find a stable platform and stick with that and maybe not cost me an arm and a leg to purchase them

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The iPhone 8 and X both came out September of this past year. The iPhone 8 was the iterative annual update, and the X was the Anniversary Edition, which included a number of technologies Apple plans to expand in the future. There is no iPhone 9. The next iteration of iPhone will be September 2018.  If you want a phone for the long term, Apple provides updates for the oldest phones of any manufacturer, and there are many folks still happily using iPhone 5 which was released in 2012. I have not seen such updates maintained for Android phones, which seem to come out at completely random intervals by comparison.


Like cars, folks would look with askance if new phone models did not come out at least annually, so I don't see release dates lengthening, however, if you choose a quality brand, you don't need the latest and greatest, as it will last through a few cycles.


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okay i jumped the gun i thought i read somewhere about the iphone 9 but it was the 8 plus and the x as for the 11 they are getting bigger with a 6" screen... i don't need bigger if i needed a bigger model i would splurge for an ipad. but as for the 7 plus i have it is just a sitting paperweight as i DON'T like it but when the samsung does break down it makes a great backup phone till i get another. just seems a shame the cost of these phones and i make it a paperweight but nobody in my family wants it so it just sits on my computer desk and only gets used on occasions when i forget to charge the samsung... thanks for clearing up the iphone model numbers

@Sapper56 I got it early yesterday morning  January Security Update installed.


just got some sort of update for my S7 Edge tonight at 11:45pm probably nothing special but it was an update thanks again to all those that have helped me throughout and if i have helped anyone i hope that my knowledge gave some insight the update was only 25 MB so i am thinking it's just a security update phone is restarting new baseband number is G935W8VLS3BRA2

For anyone with a Note 8 or S8/S8+, the Android Oreo update can't be far off.

I am running the leaked CRB1 build on my Note 8, and it's rock solid. I can't imagine it not being a close to final release.

Okay so this confuses me:


Oreo for S8 now rolling out.  Would this only be for Factory Unlocked S8s?  I mean don't all mobile providers get it first, in-house test it, blah blah blah, and then roll it out 2 months later?

Has something changed with the process this time around?



Guessing this is only factory unlocked S8s and of course those in the USA that got to Beta test. Still pisses me off that Canada is not allowed as part of the Beta.
We are known as a far more technological Country over the US

Looks like Germany only. It on Samsung CANADA to release an update to the carriers for testing, so Rogers/Bell/Telus have to wait for them.

The build I am running at the moment (CRB3) is 99% bug free, so it should be close. The only issues cropping up is that Gear Watches aren't working, and the camera Live Focus is VERY slow and laggy. I assume that will get fixed in the final build.


Hah! I just noticed that the build number that just got released for the S8 is "CRAP". hahahahaha

It would be nice not to wait for 2 months for an OS update for once. Sad that all over the world, factory unlocked S8s are receiving Oreo as we speak and us "contract suckers" are forced to wait. I get in house testing. But I'm sorry 2 months is nuts. Maybe offer a beta to help move things along.

As soon as one carrier in Canada releases it, you can Flash it on your Telus version using ODIN, if you are feeling adventurous. I do it all the time. It's all exactly the same hardware and software, Canada wide. Hell, you can even Flash over to USA model/software. That also works.


Ya.  I am aware.  I just prefer to have the legit release for Telus. I think going forward I am going to buy unlocked devices directly from Samsung.  Just sucks waiting so long so the legit version from the provider.

I am all about in house testing.  I appreciate it, but it should NOT take as long as it does.  And if the excuse from Telus is that the time is required, then they should have a Beta test team of users to help things move along faster.  That would just make sense.


I'm pretty sure that buying unlocked from Samsung won't make a difference. It's still the "W" Canadian version, and will receive updates based on whichever providers sim is inserted.

You can use ODIN and flash USA version software for an unlocked phone but you will loose VoLTe and HD calling on your Samsung phones.

That is correct. I converted mine to a N950U (Canada is N950W) so I could run the leaked Oreo builds, and I lost VoLTE. I don't care though, I make 2 calls a month.

Oh well Samsung has pulled the Oreo release anyway due to random reboots.  So guess we won't see official for even longer now.

Not that the first one even hit Canada.


@mhinc Well that sucks :/. At least we'll get a stable build of it.


That is the ONE good thing about Telus being so **bleep** about releasing new builds.  The rigorous testing.

Just seems like it's a bit too long, they should utilize their users for a small beta test. 

I think real world use would be nice to include and speed things up better than just in house.

But that's just me




I just flashed the modem and CSC files from the stock Telus software (BRA5) while running the latest Oreo (CRB9), and I have VoLTE back. 🙂

1) What phone do you have? S8, S8+ or Note 8.
2) Was your phone purchased from Telus or somewhere else?
3) Did VoLTE work for you prior to the flash? And if so, when did it stop working?
4) Do you have HD Calling?