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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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if what you say is true than why after i had my s7edge updated to android 7 did i experience dropped calls or calls that were just blank air... i have been to the telus store and they told me there was nothing they could do,they gave me a phone number to call and once i called they company is a warranty firm i can't remember the name but as soon as i told them the problems started after a firmware upgrade from telus OTA they told me i was on my own because the firmware had been tampered with. i called telus back and they had me do a bunch of tests with them over the phone( helped for a day) then back to the same old dropped calls, i wound up biting the bullet and buying out the phone contract and i asked them to unlock it seeing as i now own the phone they told me that was another 50 dollars but due to gov't regulations as of dec 1 they are not allowed to lock phones so i said i would wait till then but in the mean time i still needed a phone and i got a fairly good deal on the iphone 7 plus i DON'T like it but shortly after i got it the i phone 8 comes out i knew i should have waited and now the iphone x is coming out........ still i have a s7 edge that is useless not sure if it is firmware related can't get warranty done on it,i phone 7plus i despise for another 1.5yrs, long story short doesn't matter if they do the testing in house or not the software may not have flaws then telus programmers get it and maybe they screw it up and now (I) for one am stuck with a 1000 dollar paper weight


First, I am not sure how an Authorized Samsung repair centre is considering the firmware "Tampered" with.  That makes no sense.

Either way.  Since I haven't seen massive reports of this issue.  I can't see it being the update itself.  Very coincidental I agree.  It's hard to say what it is, but I would be pushing for warranty again, that is a poor excuse when they state the firmware was tampered with considering the mobile provider is responsible to do testing.  

Can you elaborate on that more?  What exactly the reasoning they had for that conclusion?



Tampering with the firmware is anything that has been updated from original. i know it sounds a little out there but the first thing they asked me was:

Make/model/firmware #/purchase date, and where i purchased it everything checked out except the firmware updates they said i could have installed a bad update from somewhere but the only updates that i installed were the push notifications when they were available, i never did get an ota update i always had to check for updates manually. but seeing as though telus helped me out with the 200 dollar discount on the iphone 7 i just pretty much disregarded anything to do with the s7 edge, i usually use it for a music player as it doesn't have a sim card in it, i know a 1000 dollar music player but i would rather do this than run it over with my car which i intended to do if telus couldn't help me with the phone.

1 phone would either drop calls after 45 secs or i could hear the person i called but they couldn't hear me

2 it sounded like i was in a tunnel talking when it did work

3 had telus reset my phone seemed to work for a couple days called them back and they told me to turn it off for 5 minutes every night to reset it on the network

4 had to make another call to telus, they gave me a phone number to call for warranty repair

5 called the warranty service answered their questions and was told it wasn't under warranty due to firmware update

6 called telus back explained the situation to them they reset my phone and after that didn't work game me a discount code to take to the telus store for a new phone

7 asked them for a new sim card as i was reading sim cards due fail they changed it out and put it in the s7 edge and it worked fine for a couple months and back to dropping calls

8 put sim card back in iphone and never drop a call so i guess it is the phone after all or the firmware update

9 asked them to look into whether the firmware is the issue but they could not give me a definitive answer

10 i am running all the latest firmware for the phone i have reset the cache,even did a factory reset to no avail

11 just got another iphone update 11.1.1 tonight

Where is the Samsung S8 November update? Other Canadian carriers received this a few days ago and I don't even see it on the list now. 😞

I just updated my Pixel 2 XL to Android 8.1 using the official OTA and now I have no data connection.


Anyone else have this experience? Seems like the APN info is correct and I even tried recreating it with no effect. 


Seems odd that Telus would have to explicitly allow phones with a specific firmware onto their network. I never had this issue on Rogers where I did this for many years. Rolling back is not a great option considering I'll have to unlock the bootloader, wipe the phone, and then relock the device.

Also weird, if I swap in the Public Mobile SIM it works fine. Isn't it the same network?

well i just had telus unlock my s7 edge for free and when i asked about the iphone 7 plus they told me that it was already unlocked and just to insert my other carrier sim card (rogers) i have and sure enough it worked just fine i guess there was a telus push in the firmware update that unlocked the iphone

I have my personal phone from Telus, it’s Pixel 2 XL and the business phone from Rogers, Pixel XL. Rogers pushed Oreo 8.1 and it works absolutely fine. I am still waiting for Telus to push the update for Pixel 2 XL.

I didn't wait for the normal update, I side-loaded the 8.1 OTA directly from Google. Doesn't require root or an unlocked bootloader or anything. But as soon as I did, the phone would no longer connect to the Telus network. My wife's Public Mobile SIM worked fine though.


I ended up just going out and switching over entirely to Public Mobile today. $60 a month for 5GB is saving me like $25 a month, and it's the same network, and the phone works.

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I'm in the same boat as static416. Updated to 8.1 and now no data connection at all. 

Thanks God I read your and static416 comment, otherwise I was also thinking to update manually. Telus is very lazy in releasing update.

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A solution to the Pixel Update issue is here.  A simple change to your APN should provide a fix. 


Thanks to @maja for posting a solution!


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Friendly Neighbour

Lets not call it a "solution". I'd say its a workaround for now. I'm still not sure what using the "ISP" APN changes from using the normally default "SP" APN. But these APNs really should work without us having to mess with them. Thankfully yes it does work though so my phone isnt completely useless 😛

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   While I don't know the difference between and, I do see the latter on my phone. 


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Yep I have both on mine as well. When working normally (i.e. before 8.1) it was always on SP. In 8.1 just selecting ISP doesnt actually make it work either. You have to recreate a new APN with the exact same settings as the ISP one and then choose it. Very very odd issue but it seems like it would be something Telus could quickly resolve?

Wait what, you were able to switch only because you bought your phone outright I guess?

You can switch too. They have to unlock your phone for free but you will have to buy out the remainder of your contract

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I have to say I'm absolutely flabbergasted that this issue is not being talked about or mentioned anywhere else. Surely there are a bunch of people with the Pixel 2 XL. Have they just not gotten the 8.1 update yet?

Update schedule shows 

Samsung S8Jan 26Security update


Haven't seen it on my S8 yet and it's Jan 27th.  Typically it can take some time but not usually this much.  Has Any one actually received the Jan 26th Security Update on their S8?


i haven't seen any new updates on my s7edge i still have the november security update and it's now almost February and i still have android 7.0 so i an not hoping for too much more out of it but seems my iphone is forever getting updates

Nope and sammobile only lists Bell/sasktel/virgin so far as having the January update in canada