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I got the update about a week ago.... i didn't notice anything different but my phone still seems to drop calls after 45secs to 1m30secs seems to be either a phone issue or a telus issue but they did reboot my phone on thursday and told me to try it and see if that solved my issue, I told them if it didn't i was going to run it over and send it to them and claim it against my accidental breakage and get another phone maybe the iphone but i don't want to give up an android yet


Just got another updated after the June 19th update today June 20th.  It was small, 200 some MB. 

Anyone know what this was for specifically??

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Was it the Carrier Update, which often arrives shortly after an OS update?


If so, the content is not usually described.


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Not Exactly true mhinc.You will receive the update even if your phone is unlock with the same or on an other carrier (it is my case and I have received all updates untill now). Even if you are rooted, your phone will received the update but the installation will fail (my case in another life).




@MrDouf I disagree.  You would only receive OTA updates on an unlocked phone if you were still with the original provider.

ie.  If you were with Telus, and unlocked your phone and still used a Telus SIM, but from what I have experienced, if you use

an unlocked phone that is with a different sim than the original provider, you won't get OTA updates.

At least in my experiences.

Anyone else want to chime in with their experiences?



My experience;


 Purchase a Koodo Motorola phone. Unlocked it then switch to Videotron network after 6 mounths. Got the mashmallow update and all security patches while beeing on Videotron.


Purchase also another prepaid Telus Phone kit for my wife, unlock it and insert a Virgin sim card since day one. Got all the updates and security patches also.




Couldn't find any other way to post to this discussion so I'll reply to the last post.


Today's date is September 14, 2017 and there has been a known vulnerability in any Android device that doesn't have the September security update.  The latest update to the update schedule was posted on the 8th and there is no mention of any Samsung Android device newer than the Galaxy S6 and apparently no device has received or is scheduled to receive the update Google has made available to vendors to patch the vulnerability to the Blueborne vulnerability.


This is part and parcel of Telus' poor handling of Android software updates.  Even after Google and manufacturers have released updates, there is nothing from Telus but a "look here and stop bothering us" posting.