Software Update Schedule Discussion


Software Update Schedule Discussion

Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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Well I've been watching the Samsung firmware roll in, and I wasn't aware the Telus S7 + E didn't have Nougat yet. That will be a kick to the teeth for S7 owners if my S6 gets Nougat first. Sadly though Telus has always been rather slow with their updates, except maybe a few odd times.

I for one will not be using Telus in the future with all these untimely updates, and their ridiculous "update schedule". Not to mention how many lemons my wife and I have had with the LG G3, G4, and G5 Telus variants. This is my last device with you Telus, good riddance!
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I agree. Samsung has released the OS update months ago and TELUS continues to delay the launch of an already proven OS. How long does it take to test an OS on the TELUS network? This is getting to be ridiculous. I hope TELUS losses subscribers over this and then maybe they will wake up.

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@kbieth @wat- Samsung has yet to announce any release of Nougat in any form of in Canada. Nougat was was only announced in the USA very recently, not months ago. It didn't finish beta testing until the end of January. If anything, Canadian users should be actively voicing their concerns to Samsung to release the update at the same time the Americans get it. I don't see anyone posting comments along those lines on Samsung's twitter or facebook pages so far. Samsung always releases updates to Canadian carriers quite some time after the USA. 

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@Nighthawk Are you absolutely positive Samsung has not released Nougat to Canadian carriers yet? Just because they haven't announced it does not mean they have not released it to them. A Bell Twitter post said that Nougat for the S7 is scheduled for release by the end of March. Now why would they say that if Samsung has not already released it to them? The Rogers update schedule has also listed Nougat as "Coming Soon​!" to these two phones since the beginning of February. Again why would they post that if Samsung hasn't even released it to them? I will admit that it's possible Canadian carriers don't have it yet, but there are several signs that suggest they do.
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When Samsung announced the American release, the carriers had it out fairly shortly after. Hopefully they'll announce it for Canada soon though I still think Canadian users really need to raise hell against Samsung as there's no reason why they should be delaying things this long. They release by country typically instead of a global release.


If they release it end of March, that'd be great but Samsung has remained very silent about Canada. "Coming Soon!" could mean weeks or months. Roger's isn't setting a date. There's even comments on their forums that for the Marshmallow release last year, "Coming Soon!" was the status for 6 months so it's easily possible that is applicable to Nougat this year. Roger's users have the same complaints on how long Samsung is taking as we all do here. 


Biggest problem is that the update Samsung is going to release is only 7.0 and not the latest 7.1.1. It'll be anyone's guess how long it'll take the latest update to be released by Samsung.

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Rogers just updated their update schedule saying the S7 and edge are receiving the update March 20th so I don't see why Telus shouldn't be too far behind, or ahead if they actually properly updated their schedule instead of updating it with updates that have already been released

Totally agree. Hopefully Telus will release Nougat alongside Rogers release. Interesting how Rogers has posted this despite Samsung Canada not announcing the release of Nougat on their website. Seems like it was released to the carriers and they've just been taking their time testing it.

Again the know-it-alls have shown how much they actually know about the releases

They certainly have.

Bell, SaskTel, and Freedom released the Nougat update for S7 and S7 Edge.

I saw that as well but the release is 7.0 i heard somethimg about a 7.1.1 update so i guess we are still gonna be waiting.... also i was going to switch to the iphone 7 s or plus but i just cant bring myself to buy an apple product especially when i have a balance on my google account

@Mustang_Driver wrote:
I saw that as well but the release is 7.0 i heard somethimg about a 7.1.1 update so i guess we are still gonna be waiting.... also i was going to switch to the iphone 7 s or plus but i just cant bring myself to buy an apple product especially when i have a balance on my google account

Hi Mustang_Driver

Do you mean Telus will be skipping the 7.0 and going to 7.1.1 directly?


LOL. They can't deliver 7.0, forget about 7.1.1. You will never see 7.1.1 on GS7. You will change a phone before Telus roll out 7.1.1 update.

To be fair 7.1.1 may not even be necessary as its basically only bug fixes and optimization on the pixel phones. We may never see 7.1.1 because we probably won't need it. Or they'll update bug fixes with the security patches (if they actually decide to start pushing security patches after 7 is released). From what I've heard 7.0 on the S7 is extremely well optimized and doesn't really require anything further except minor bug fixes that only a few handsets will probably ever encounter. I agree Telus is really bad at pushing out updates but its not Telus' fault for not updating it past 7.0, cause chances are the S7 won't need it

Again Telus has updated their Software Update Schedule page and still no mention of 7.0 for the S7 and S7 Edge.  Most other Canadian carriers, including 2 of the Big 3, have already released the update (Bell/Virgin, SaskTel, Freedom, Eastlink) or have provided a target release date (Rogers).  Come on Telus, at least tell us something.  I'd prefer to get the update straight from Telus but may just cave and flash firmware from one of the other carriers or change my CSC to force an update like some users have.  Thanks for the wonderful customer service Telus...    

I wouldn't even call it updating it. They never actually show a projected date when anything is receiving an update it just shows what already has received an update and the date. Telus' update schedule is embarrassingly bad, they need to totally rethink the structure of it cause right now its completely useless

Nailed it. "embarrassingly bad". All my friends here at work have Nougat.. Bell customers.. ugh.. thanks Telus.

Telus representative said over the phone that they didn't get the Nougat from Samsung because they don't want it. They said it's full of bugs on Pixel and Nexus 6 phones so they will not launch the update on GS7/GS7 Edge.
So we have only 3 options to get the long expected update
1. Flash it with Odin
2. Change the CSC and force the update from another carriers or
3. Change the carrier (Telus)
Looks like Telus is skipping the Nougat update.

I can completely say that's 110% bs. The S7 is one of the most stable versions of 7.0. That representative just wanted you to stop asking questions. That would be the most idiotic thing for Telus to do and I would be immediately cancelling my contract and going someplace else because that is terrible customer service

Why don't you answer our questions Telus? Nice relationship you have with your costumers. Why do you have this page if you don't read it? Is it hard to let us know about your progress and approximation date, the plan about pushing out the new update. It's not shame to be the last one, it's shame not to communicate with your costumers. And please don't answer "we don't know" cause we don't ask about exact date, we ask for a info how far you went with the update and when we could expect the update out. Is it hard to give us at lest an idea while every other carrier enjoying the update rolled out already. And don't forget that we are on a security patch from November 6. It is April soon. Six months old security patch.