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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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Yeah well i'm still waiting for my S6 update. That hasn't been released yet


@nakedgeezer @Kenv other providers who have released the update are experiencing issues. You should be thanking telus and samsung canada for preventing unnecessary frustration caused by faulty software updates. 


See links for reference points.




iPhone power user


Moto E supposed to be out today, not seeing the update.

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I agree with @Dark_Knight that getting the updates sooner with bugs would not be better than getting the update later without bugs...

But this experience with my Telus SG6 has taught me that I should reconsider my choice of phone (and my carrier) in the future if I want to prioritize getting Android updates as quickly as possible.

I think my frustration most fittingly lies with Samsung (not Telus) in this case, and if they haven't gotten their act together regarding Android updates yet, I don't expect them to do so any more effectively in the future. Too bad the reason is probably their insistence on "branding" the experience (Touchwiz), which I'd gladly do without if it meant being able to get the Android updates sooner. Just remember that Samsung is imposing this upon themselves (and we users are paying the price)...  


Wow. Galaxy S6 delayed yet again.





Oh look The GS 6 Has bumped up the date to April 18th .  Surprise Surprise


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Im struggling to find anywhere or anyone that can tell me the date for the Galaxy S5? Telus techs on Twitter wont even answer me.

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 Are you freaking kidding me Telus! The S6 Edge update was scheduled for today and now all the sudden its the 18th. Wtf Telus! This is unacceptable. Give us the update and stop making us wait. Pick a freaking day and stick to it. 

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Seriously??? this is like child's play. I am waiting to upgrade my S6 Edge and now I see date is moved. Telus... YOU SUCK...

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S6 Edge pushed again - the day of the update!! Come on. 

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Every one that is complaining about the GS6 and edge being pushed, they did that two weeks ago. Also, this is a ploy by telus to try and get everyone to buy the newest phones available. There's no reason the LG G3 should have gotten an update so far ahead of the S6 and S6 edge that were top of the line not on year ago.

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They didn't change it 2 weeks ago for the edge! I checked last night right before I went to bed and it still showed that the update would be TODAY.

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I contacted Telus and they couldn't tell me why it was changed again. The customer service rep that I talked to was a jerk. He actually told me that if I wanted the newest update then I should go buy a Nexus. I understand that in the end it comes down to Samsung. I just wanted an explanation. He wouldn't even address my LTE issue. 


Update for the S6 Edge is downloading now.

Friendly Neighbour

Mine just finished updating about 20 minutes ago. 

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I just started downloading for S6 Edge and the 1253 MB update is at 50% after seven minutes. Another four minutes to wait is not too bad after waiting for so many months...  🙂

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Upgraded my S6 edge. Process was slow but smooth. Fixed my Auto bright issue. Hope I get better battery life on this.. fingers crossed... if it doesn't.. finger will be raised 😉

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I have a 1st gen Moto G but didn't receive any update these days.

Also, no any update for LG G4?

Is there an update to Nougat for the LG G4? I just received an update last week that I was hoping was Nougat but it was a large update with a bunch of patches instead.