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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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Samsung Note 9 update again missed its drop date for the second time in a row. 😒


I was hoping it would be just a couple of days late like last time, but still nothing.


A little annoying since this one is supposed to be the One UI 2.5 update.


Hoping that it shows up on Monday, but if things mirror last month it won't arrive until the S9 update on the 10th.


In what is likely the last feature update for that device being missed, it doesn't bod well for security updates on Telus in the future, or the next couple of years for the Note 10 / 20 when Telus can't do 2 years support, 3 years seems like a stretch, and forget the A71 and the like getting that promoted 3 years support on Telus if the flagships can't get respect for the entirety of their promised support. 🤨


Samsung needs to untie itself from the carriers who undermine the platform, for the hefty premium now even above Apple devices, the devices should be updated directly from Samsung, just like iOS.

I'm still waiting for the November 3 update for my Fold 2 as well. I have completely lost faith in Telus...they are nothing but a sh!tshow. Kind of sad actually, horrible reception in the WestShore in Colwood, I need to run my phone on WiFi calling just to make sure I don't miss any calls as the signal is more than pathetic. WiFi Calling resets itself 2 to 3 times a day on a good day (Ihave reset it 5 times today) If I wasn't under contract I would be gone. To top it enexpected error has occurred in trying to post this.

So is that a typo in the list, or is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 really getting an Optimization Update 6 years after release?? 🤨


As it's the same date at the Note 20, one can only hope that it's a typo swapping a handwritten look-alike 4 = 9, and that this is the new timeframe for the Note 9 One UI 2.5 update, missed earlier in the month. 🤔

I'm more than a little disappointed that even with the new S21 that Samsung won't be enabling Seamless Updates that was supposed to come as a core feature of Android 11. 🤬


It would make life so much easier, not only for individuals, but for managed deployments. The A/B partition would avoid a bunch of headaches of failed installs and corruption, and even allow the possibility for an easier undo should features go terribly wrong.


While I enjoy some Samsung specific add-ons to basic Android, it is the pain that is a fractured update ecosystem that makes me long for bare-bones Android on Samsung devices, which would also put less pressure on carrier-specific stuff and OTA updates. 🤨


Oh well, add it to the list of good ideas discarded by Samsung. 😒

It would be nice for some more consistency for the Note 20 Ultra. It has so far been skipped for February security patch. OneUI 3.1 has been announced and released by Samsung for it, but I highly doubt my top-of-the-line Note 20 Ultra will get it u til late March or even April at this rate. Maybe I'll get lucky and my S9+ will get upgraded, too, lol. It at least has the February security patch.

@NewfieWannabe One UI 3.1 hasn't been released for any Qualcomm Note 20 yet, just the Exynos models.

No N.Am. carrier has launched it yet. It is expected March 3rd for Telus & Fido (and likely Rogers and Bell although not on Rogers scheduler yet), and no date posted for US carriers yet.


Also the February N20/20U update didn't hit any N.Am. carrier either with AT&T , T-Mob & Verizon's last update for the Note 20/20U being the January 1 patch distributed in January (15th, 8th, and 15th respectively).

GS20 and A71 update arrived on Sept 29 no problemo.. however, Note 9 update still not coming through on OTA, still sitting on August security patch. A bit disappointing for something that doesn't required extra work like a One UI update.


Hopefully it will arrive on Oct 6th along with the Note 8 and S10 updates.


... or that the next refresh of the schedule shows it is the One UI 2.5 update for the Note 9 sometime mid-October and the reason why it's being 'skipped'/missed. But that's likely expecting a bit much since it hasn't even hit Europe yet.


Why are comments being deleted from here?  Deleting concerns is no way to run a forum!



@mhinc they didn't. They moved them to a new thread. Chill. haha 

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 @Dark_Knight  Thanks!  Would have been nice if a link was posted from the mods stating this in the first place.



So what's going on with the S21 updates? The June update was released but Telus isn't letting us have it yet? I think next time I'm buying an unlocked phone direct from Samsung, getting tired of waiting for updates which I don't think should be a carriers job.

Well, looks like this was Samsung's fault as they pulled the first June update and rereleased it again. Just glad it's coming soon!


@Shaggyskunk Ya. I saw that as well. Guessing this was a error on whomever updated the chart and it will hit at midnight.

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is there a scheduled release date for the Galaxy A52 to receive Android 12?

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is there a release date for the Galaxy A52 to receive Android 12?


My Samsung Galaxy S10 is still on the February 2022 security patch and now my company has locked me out from receiving email because my device does not comply with the security policies. Can someone please advise when the March or even April releases will be available as it's already the end of May! I cannot use my device for work now and makes me want to switch providers.

Switching Carriers won't help - None of the Canadian Carriers have released the update you are looking for yet.