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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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This was only in regards to the Exynos version.  The Snapdragon is getting the night mode in the upcoming June Security patch.

Did anyone receive an update for the Snapdragon i the night mode fix?

I received the July security update but I still have the issue when I run Android Auto.

Okay Telus. S10 Series Sept update was supposed to happen today "Sept 30th" according to the update schedule. So where is it??

Most of the Canadian Carriers have the OTA scheduled for October 1st - Just FYI 🐧

@Shaggyskunk Ya. I saw that as well. Guessing this was a error on whomever updated the chart and it will hit at midnight.

We still waiting for the OTA... lot of new feature

AWESOME to see Android 10 One UI 2.0 hitting the S10 series on December 16th.  This is by FAR the fastest update of an OS Canada has ever got.

Maybe, just maybe we will get it before the United States?  We are usually a month behind them!  Great news Telus! 

Ah Geez!  Come on Telus!  JUST when I toss you some praise for the Android 10 update for the S10 series releasing on Dec 16th.  You go and up it by a week!

Now Rogers still shows the 16th, I thought it was released the same date for all Canadian Providers?

Guess that we'll have to wait until the 16th - to see if Rogers actually does release One UI V2.0.. Rogers has been frequently inaccurate with their OS Update Schedule fwiw 🐧

Ya why the delay?

Just got January security update for S10, two days before the scheduled release. According to Telus, it was supposed to be released -Samsung GS10 Jan 17 Security update

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Only 15 days into the month to get the most recent Android security update patch (January 1, 2020) from Samsung! What an amazing improvement over the years.

I am having difficulty understanding the point of an update schedule that has nothing but dates that have passed

Its a bit annoying

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@mhinc wrote:

@NFtoBC Even if that is the case.  They can at LEAST update the schedule to "Delayed", without a reason, rather than just removing it all together.

That would not fall under a NDA, it would at least let customers know that it's still coming, but it's delayed.  Removing it is just a kick in the teeth, when you have an S6 and you are expecting it.

Also concerning that the Note 5 has updated and wasn't even on the update list when the S6 was.  And we are left in the dust and dark.


However, the question was asking about details: "At least tell us why." While I agree the term "delayed" would at least provide some info, it does not answer the demands of many, and leads to people asking "When?"

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So is it safe to say that Telus/Koodo customers have been uneccesarily left in the dark for Nougat now?

Why schedule is updated AFTER devices are updated? And not update to come in the schedule.???


I just purchased Pixel 2 XL and didn't receive Oreo 8.1 update yet. Rogers pushed the update last week.

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so the galaxy note 8 update its sheduled for this morning ...


i try search for update and telus say no update?


you forget we are the 28 ?



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Actually, the page should be renamed "Update History"
"Schedule" refers to plans for the future, but this page is never about the future. Now and again it is updated to the present, but not in more than one year has it been about the future.


If I didn't care about my customers, I would do the same: act like I do not care. But do they care? I'm not saying they don't, just as if they don't.

At least I know they didn't release the Pixel update in the past, as of May 7.


Seriously, if it was named "Update History" that would make more sense with the track record of the page. I keep half hoping for a schedule, but it's always just a history.


No update on mate 20 pro and we are the 22.


This is quite sad. 

yeah i haven't heard of any updates on my s9+ but i did just recently get the security patch to bring it to january 1current software version g965wvls7csl1/g965w0yv7csl1/g965wvls7csl1. i haven't seen anything on the samsung members area either but i am not signing a new 2yr. contract to get a phone with the latest software besides the s9+ is still a very nice phone to many features for me, my i phone 7 plus is also sitting on ios version 13.3 i have heard that the next software update will be it's last i have maybe 4 hrs of use on that phone i just have it as a spare the thought about selling it has crossed my mind but i won't get anything for it