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Shipment is lost


I have ordered a SIM online on Nov 22 and got the shipment ready email on Dec 1. Though the order history wrote that the order has been shipped. I have not got my order and nearby office told me they don't have my shipment from Telus.


It has been passed 2 weeks. The web stores could ony tell me to wait without Canada Post tracking info. No staff could tell us when I could get it but informing me that this is a busy season.


Indeed, I have ordered groceries from other store and have no issue getting the shipment from Canada Post in Dec.


I am not sure what Telus can do. I probably make a wrong decision to order online from Telus!




Friendly Neighbour

Good luck. Telus shipped me a new wireless device via Canada Post (Express Post) - Canada Post lost the shipment and advises the shipper must be contacted for a claim. Telus of course is charging me for the lost phone and after 6 calls into Telus and five promises that someone would "call me back" to resolve the issue nobody ever calls back. I am amazed at the lack of service from Telus. Welcome to the "future is friendly"  

Sorry to hear that, in some cases deliveries do get lost by the shippers. The client care dept will be more than happy to look into options for you. Please connect with them via chat from a computer at or call (*611 from your TELUS mobile phone) 1-866-558-2273 

Friendly Neighbour

I am sorry Dimo but you are factually incorrect. I have called customer service 6 times. Here is the summary.


Call #1 - Customer Service representative said my issue would be looked into and I was promised a call back within 24 hours.


Call #2 - After not getting the promised call back I called and spoke with customer service representative #2 who promised that customer service rep. #1 would call me back that same day.


Call #3 - At this point I just want to cancel the order as it is lost and I am being charged for it. Customer service rep. #3 says because it is Saturday the department that can do that is not operating until Monday. He promises me if I call on Monday the order will be cancelled and my account credited.


Call #4 -During the call the call is cut off and Customer Service rep. #4 sends me a voice mail explaining the order can only be cancelled once I return the phone - she did not bother to listen to the fact that the phone was lost by the shipper and could not be returned.


Call # 5 At this point I ask to speak with a Manager and explain nicely I had no success with the previous 4 customer service reps and think it is only fair I get to speak with a Manager. Customer Service Rep. #5 refuses to connect me to a Manager but promises that "she can help me" - After spending an hour with her she tells me it is a "different department" that must cancel the order and she will have them phone me. At this point I remind her this was the reason I asked to speak with a Manager. After another 20 minutes I am told that a Manager will call me back.


Call #6 - After NOT getting a call back from the Manager as I was promised I call and speak with Customer Service rep #6 - Who can see that a Manager is supposed to call me back but he tells me that can take up to 48 hours and it had only been 24 hours at that point. He apologizes the previous customer service rep. did not tell me it can take 2 entire days.


Call #7 - I have not made call #7 yet. Suffice to say it has now been over 48 hours and the Manager who was promised to have called me back has not called. When I have a spare few hours of my life to once again attempt to contact Telus (as it is on average at least one hour every time you call). I will call.  


As you can see Dimo the Client Care Department you reference is a total waste of time. They do not call you back as they promise they will, they cannot help you they always say it is a "different department" that will help you and that department will "call you back" - The Manager who is promised to call never calls. Does that sound like service to you Dimo?



I hear you, that definitely sounds frustrating and I'm sorry you're going through that... Sounds like you should be getting a call from a manager in 1-2 days. If not, I would request the matter be escalated. If that doesn't work you can also try tweeting @TELUSsupport failing all that. Hoping it won't come to that for you though! #CrossingFingers

Friendly Neighbour



It has been over 2 days since the Manager was promised to call me.  Nobody from Telus has ever called me back. I have made the request to be escalated - they reply with "the notes on the account indicate that an escalation manager will be contacting you" - sounds great except the Manager never calls. Nobody does at Telus. 

That's terrible...


Might be time to give them another call being a bit more assertive (if you haven't already). Obviously they aren't getting the message, or don't want too, for whatever reason.


Hate it when the consumer (I'm one of them) ponies up then something goes awry before they've received their goods or services, and it becomes "your" problem. Just shouldn't play out that way but sadly it does.


Nope I'd start letting them know you now mean business as your first, or maybe second, call should have gotten this resolved. 


If I read those comments for shipment from Telus before, I would not order online from Telus. 😞


I still haven't got my order though I have called, emailed and online chat with Telus.


This last email I got was to inform me the shipment would be re-shipped within 5-7 business days on Dec 18. But, due to pandemic, may need to wait longer! Deadline has not been passed yet.


I just wonder the shipment were from other galaxy. 


Why don't they ask me whether i wish my money back....