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Samsung Galaxy s3 and Kit Kat Upgrade issues

Just Moved In

I downloaded the upgrade today and noticed a couple of things:


- lost all my emoticons from my keyboard (Samsung keyboard is my only choice in Settings)

- the multi-task bar ALWAYS appears on the Home screen. I can't seem to turn it off anymore

- no Camera shortcut on the locked screen (camera widget does not appear on the list of locked screen widgets)


The only noticeable difference I see after upgrading are the color changes to the icons on the Home screen. I really don't recommend folks upgrading to Kit Kat. The previous version was fine as is.



Welcome to the Forum "n9080" Kudos for upgrade your (SGs3) n' not totally satisfied, with the changes. Well don't panic. you'll be able to recover the - Emoticons- remove the Multi-task bar +Add a new camera shorcut.(nasty show him a link., how to recover this settings. @RDRandy-checkout the new Upgrades.


I Upgrade my (SGs4.Mini-too) On 06-23-2014. From [Jelly-bean: 4.2.2 to Kitkat: 4.4.2 ]- task installation took, about 7min. to finish up. I went over my "Data limited" 134 Mb, hope next time-Telus can pay for it?,. Hehee! (y/n)


Few changes, just after upgrade -Datetime format- Changed to 24 hrs-form. I switched to normal. [(12hr: Time:12:05 Am)- (24 hr.Format:Time:00:05 Am)] Also (Gps-icon changed to 'Location' ID as /drop-icon +Add-ons to "Contacts option " in new entries & for texting, better format to type. Overall I feel my/phone/operates-faster... So 'n9080 '.- Get more help soon.. Stay tuned!  "v9"


@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?


Reboot a couple of times after an upgrade to ensure everything is good.


The Samsung touchWiz interface that lays on top of Android can be a really big pain.




Settings. Lock screen. Lock screen widgets(customize).


settings. Language and input. click the little slider buttons to the right of the Samsung keyboard.


for the multi taskbar/notifications.  settings home. And I'm running a custom ROM, so , home, app and widget drawer?


You can also push and hold on an empty spot on the home screen to see other choices that may come up.


Just Moved In

Yes, I rebooted about 3 times and the multi task slider did disappear.

As for the other new features of Kit Kat, I can't see them anywhere on the phone. Thanks nasty!