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Samsung GALAXY MEGA - what do you think of the phone?


Hey folks,


We just launched the Samsung GALAXY MEGA ! You can get details about the phone here:


What do you think of the phone?


                                                  mega launch.jpg


Just saw one at The Source and I actually like it! I thought it would be too big but It was perfect!

Friendly Neighbour
I have the galaxy 7 tab couldn't imagine using it for a phone. This mega is just a bit smaller.
Here's hoping samsung uses better glass in the screen than the s4. The weakest thing EVER


It looks the same as the S3 and 4, the size is just that's different. We'll see how Samsung come up with the mini version of this phone as well.

On my opinion though, sometimes it's not the size that matters it's always the quality.


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

In the modern world where people use the phones less and less for voice calls.  Great idea, especially for seniors who have troubles with small screens.


If you look closely in the advertisement, there is no example of anyone holding this thing to their face like a phone.  Kinda reminds me of....
reception should not be a problem with space for a larger antennna.


Just found this commercial where someone has the phone briefly next to his head...


  • Edge to edge single handed thumb swipe might be interesting.
  • don't bring it out in a movie theatre... keep it in your pocket.  Will it fit your pocket?
  • will it safely fit my sport car windshield if I use the GPS?  Is it legal?

I guess the Mega's size just makes it easier for Apple Pickers.

If size is important.... there's also the FonePad that appears to be larger...


super dumb