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S7edge update to nougat?

So now that it's all over the web, that samsung is finished beta testing with nougat, what is the turn around time for telus to get this update out, or will telus just hold off until the s8 is available for sell to promote a newer galaxy phone? Friendly question, Friendly answer Thanks☺️

Community Power User
Community Power User

Please note the existing discussion on Android updates is here.


Beta testing may be complete but it's likely that Samsung will be working on the bugs reported during that time. Once they're done then they'll release the update to carriers for final testing. How long it will take Samsung in this stage is anyone's guess. Samsung historically has had a 6-9 month delay between when Google announces the major update to when Samsung flagship devices end up receiving it. Part of that can be from updates being pulled due to bugs.


Best we can do now is wait for Samsung to announce the release which hopefully will happen soon.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I be with telus for a long time, from what I gather telus always release samsung new flag ship phone, before they have updated there old samsung flag ship phone, I am almost 100% sure I will see the s8 released before the s7 will get the update, it's truly all about marketing. Thanks again.