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Hi,guys .. I'm about to going get crazy...
This is my story, around last week of July, we would like to change cable company. So we we're look for the best deal...and telus was offering good deal with new mobile pho hen contract. My three years mobile contract was about to end( end of September). We visited store in person and get consulted best deal, so get TV, Internet bundle first then I had to make another visit to get my phone. I really wanted to have iPhone 5s but after $100 credit from bundle service, I still had to pay $130.
So I had to give up and got iPhone 5c for paying $30. I was happy but still had heart for iPhone 5s. Then three weeks later when I passing the mall I just saw new deal of iPhone on Telus store.
Believe or not, with bundles, I could get iPhone 5s. $0 payment.
It just went down to $130 cheaper after five days.
Perfect my dream phone and about to right time after my long three years of waiting.
I found out they started this new promotion about five days after I got old deal.y
By the way, I was pretty much rely on the Clark at store, even asked him is that better if I wait little it to get better deal. He was very pushing me to purchase that phone that day, even I was bit late to work and told him I'll come back another time.
According to contract paper,about four days passed exchange day.
I know contract is important but I started have huge stress and couldn't eat and sleep at all. Please, anyone give me a helpful advice.....

Community Power User
Community Power User
That's the was it goes. The clerk has no information about changes in deals until a day or so before they begin. YOU could surmise that as Apple usually announces a new phone each fall there might be a drop in price sometime in August or September.

It seems you upgraded your phone without having to pay any penalty for early renewal, so you saved a bit there. The deal you got was satisfactory to you at the time you signed, or you would not have signed it. Look at the bright side; dwelling on the deal you might have had is self defeating.
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