Refurbished phones


Less than 3 months after pruchasing a new phone it was in need of repair.  The phone was sen for repair but what came back was a refurbshed model.  The cost of the new phone was in the region of $1200.  The online cost of the rebubished model is in the region of $600.  If Telus has the right to substitute phones then why isn't the billing adjusted accordingly?

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Community Power User

The questions is going to be was it actually Telus specifically that was repairing it or were you going through the manufacturer, a third party repair company, or insurance? If the manufacturer/repair place/insurance sent back a refurbished phone, you'll need to deal with them. Telus would have no control over what they do.

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Why did the phone need repair, was there a defect covered by warranty or was there damage? These are completely different situations.