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Problem with app working on Alcatel Pop Icon.

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I have an alcatel pop icon phone. I previously used the Samsung discover. when I transferred the micro sd from the Samsung to the alcatel everything was fine for months, I even turned the phone on and off without problem. the last time I turned off the phone the Montreal STM app did not work and I lost all music on the sd card. I bought new sd card, reloaded my music and everything was OK. now today the STM app is not working. my default setting is for internal storage. any suggestions?



@Alcatelowner: You might have a software issue 'cause nowadays. Telco's kept PH#s that using, same card in other phones. Is not allowed anymore, so Telecoms can-impaired you to use certain options. More info Call: from <v9>

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The future is unknown?

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Might looking on an Alcatel forum provide more info?  There is just a small group of regulars here, who are consumers just like you, so there may be few if any experiencing the issue you describe.

Does rebooting the phone address the problem? 


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If you search online, can you find other Alcatel users having similar issues? It's not the network and I don't think it's the card. Can you try your card in a different device? Back up your phone and try a full reset, test it again, good luck.


That's a tough one @Alcatelowner  

Are you running the factory version of Android firmware? Or did you load a custom ROM? 

@wally_west provided a good suggestion. Trying the SD card in a different device would be a solid indicator of if it's your phone or the SD card. If you don't have one, a telus store should be able to help you out. 🙂

If it turns out to be the phone, my suggestion would be to get it repaired/replaced...and contact Alcatel to make sure it's not a known issue.

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Reviews at Google App market, Montreal STM app , says it is very buggy.  August 21 is the latest update.

You could reinstall the app, after deleting any trace of it. Still, bugs will be bugs.

If your old phone was not Kitkat, the App may not be playing nice with Kitkat. If its write permissions are buggy for writing(you are saying to internal, with the App permissions still checking external just in case),  it could crash and delete the memory in the card. Why it took so long to crash? Errors could be building up from the App and it goes KABOOM!  Software is much a problem to trace small things that build up to big things.