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Phone Cases - Yay or nay?


I thought I would have others weigh in on the debate my friends and I have bene having for a while: Are phone cases worth it?


I always go through this internal struggle when i get a new phone of whether or not to purchase a case. I'm of the belief that you shouldn't need a case for your phone, unless you are always in an environment where it could get damaged (i.e. if you work on a construction site or something).


I've owned dozens of phones over the past 5 years (yes, dozens), most of which i've never used with a case, but when I bought my iPhone 6, I caved and purchased the silicone Apple case. I didn't like how unstable it was on a flat surface, due in large part to the protruding camera. 


What does everyone else think? Any cases that you absolutely cannot live without?



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I've tried a number of cases, but end up leaving my phone naked.
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I prefer just a simple slim case. Usually silicon. It helps in the off chance I drop my phone. I don't worry about screen protectors though. I haven't managed to even scratch the screen on any of the phones I've owned to date.

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Another vote for wild natural nakedness!


Why buy phones that are so fragile and force you to buy more fragile phones each time they are dropped.


Since I carry my smartphone in my jacket or pants pocket with me wherever I go I prefer to use a flip folio case. Sometimes I put keys in the same pocket as the phone and don't want to scratch the screen to bits.  Therefore I say Yay! to phone cases.

I hate carrying anything in my pant or shirt pockets so unless I have a jacket/coat I'm always fumbling with keys, wallet and phone in my hands as I'm getting in or out of my car. Many times I've dropped my phone and my silicone case has always saved it.

The only time I damaged my phone (HTC One X+) was when I was trying out a hard shell case that didn't wrap around to the front and dropped it on a ceramic tile floor. It only fell about 16 inches but it landed flush on the screen and shattered the entire display. I managed to replace the screen myself with a eBay screen for $80 and went back to a silicone case.

Hi, for my part, I really like using a case. I tend to drop my phones often and having a $30 case most likely saved me hundreds of dollars in screen replacement over the years. However, this is really a personnal choice.


I never use a case. They make the devices bulky, awkward and unflattering. I've not dropped a cellphone (Seriously, anyway. I'm sure there have been plenty of 1-2 foot drops onto soft surfaces) since my first one, an old Sony Ericsson T200.


Greetings DK, well, considering that a smartphone is worth between $500-$1000, a case seems like a pretty good option. True, it won't prevent theft and lost incident but you do have it with you 24h/day, 7 days a week. The popular phones (Samsung, Nokia and iphones) will have the advantage of having more choices in terms of different cases. Don't go for a metal case, looking good but you'll drop 40% of your signal. You can also search on Ebay, cool stuff, not expensive and lot's of choice.

I also always try to get a screen protector, it helps.

Don't you have a bat-case anyways?? 

I wish I had a batman case @wally_west !!! 

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Cases make a phone so fat.... I prefer to show pure nakedness with a little body paint!


Gloss? Metallic? Baby Pink? Yes!

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Neighbourhood Alum

That is awesome, @xray !


@Dark_Knight I too am a huge Batman fan. I might have to procure one of those cases. Haha

@xray wrote:

Here you go:


Batman iPhone case

Holy Case of the missing Case Batman!!! Man Very Happy  Robin goes commando with his utility comm device! Cases are for Gotham Noobs! Man Wink


What a great question Dark_knight and since I've always had a case on my phones, I have to give it a Yay!


How's going @iPhone power user: Is allowed to <v9> add his $0.50/ctvs on this topic..I'm not much in favor to use Phone cases the device get heavier. Is a way to protected, from unexpected dropdowns no doubt.."Wally_west" is right in his remarks.


Just disagree a bit in the usage of (Protective plastic screen) My SGs4 came with that, but I removed 'cause had, some problems to Tap the screen-I've to tap it twice at times to activate my selection. I always use a pouch to carry the phone, without cover to make easier to pull it out. That's all-have fun..TELUSTERS! Read you around <v9>

@xRAY: That case is for iPhone5c-The iPhone6+ won't fit IN-search for the right case for the OP-YYaayy!

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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