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Order Lost - No help from customer service


I ordered a new device 2 weeks ago through my EPP program.  According to MyTelus the device has shipped.  When I go to UPS tracking there is no update since Dec 6th and all it says is that delivery will be rescheduled.  Everything is in limbo since then.  I tried using the online chat and there is never a live agent.  Instead the virtual assistant just sends a message saying to try the EPPCare e-mail adress.  So I tried e-mailing and receive an automated message saying support is no longer provided by e-mail -- and suggests to use the chat support?!?  Clearly neither worked, so I tried calling and was on hold for nearly 2 years.  Only to be told by the agent to wait some more.  No investigation into why there is a holdup, what's happening.  Just that the device is in a warehouse somewhere and can't be tracked?!?  Really?!?


Meanwhile I'm already paying for a new (more expensive) plan and surely my next bill will have the up-front amount that agreed to pay on the phone.  That was under the understanding I would have the device within 3-5 days as the agent said the device was in stock and would be shipped immediately.  I refuse to pay for something I do not receive.


I am leaving this message as a last resort in the hope that someone at Telus will finally figure out what's going on and get in touch.  I realize things happen, things get lost, etc.  But have at least fix your customer service and resolve the issue!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Frustrated80 I sent you a private message to find out more 🙂

If you have solution to this I would appreciate to know it as well as I have the same issue only mine has been lost for over a month amd several calls emails etc to telus has left me with no help or frustrated

Still in limbo unfortunately.  It'll be 3 weeks since my initial order tomorrow.  This was supposed to be for Christmas, so that's kind of a bummer...  May I know what Telus has told you, if anything?  Thinking to go to a physical store to see if they can do anything.

So I called the telus webstore today at 1-866-488-2709 (waited on hold just shy of an hour and a half) and told them to cancel the phone and have it off my account so that I could go in store to get the phone. He said he would and that it would be off my account within 24 hours. It was off my account in an hour so tomorrow weather permitting I'm going to go get one in store finally lol.....I will never order online again lol


Thanks are in order to @dru who was able to direct me to the Telus Support account on Twitter.  It is apparently closely monitored.  They responded there almost immediately and an investigation in to the missing package was launched within an hour.  Apparently, the missing package was then located because it arrived at my home within a week of the investigation which is pretty good considering it all started during the holidays.


The moral of the story, I think, is if you need customer support from Telus, social media (Twitter or Facebook) is now the place to go.  The virtual assistant chat is virtually useless since it is impossible to connect with a live human being.  The e-mail (for EPP customers) is no longer monitored.  And it takes 2 hours + to get through to anyone by phone, and when you finally do, you may not get any results.  Now it would be nice if Telus would update their site to reflect that reality!