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Note8 Preorders shipping date?

Helpful Neighbour

Hi all,


I was wondering if anybody knows when will Telus ship the preordered Note8 devices?


Thanks 🙂

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The Note8 is available for order on BestBuy, Telus.


However, I noticed the following on Samsung's website that will make me really really unpleased with the whole preorder thing...


Buy the Galaxy Note8 and get a bonus Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible plus a Samsung 128GB MicroSD Card following purchase until September 17th, 2017.


So, if I go today to Telus and get the phone at early AM when they open, I'd still pay the same and get the preorder freebies!



Why has my order status not changed? Still showing as "Order Approved". It's suppose to be in my hands by today, but the way how I see it is if its not changed to "Order Processed" this morning then clearly I won't have my device today.

My status just changed to order has been shipped. Checked the tracking number. Shows that it is out for delivery. Hooray!

Me too! Delivery expected today!

@Hamstermatic Funny. So has mine. The funniest part is that when I check the tracking number, it has already been in the system since yesterday at 4:36pm.

Same. I saw that too. Wonder why they didn't send it then?

Mine is also out and should be delivered today! I'm surprised that it went from "no information" to "you'll have it soon" over the course of a few minutes haha.

Same here! 


Good thing I've been refreshing all week 😄


Expected delivery today. Though apparently it's still in transit from Mississauga :S (I'm in Montreal)

@TheOneChristo  mine says in transit as well, but when I scroll down the page it shows as being scanned in Winnipeg at 5:02 this morning. So I'll have it soon.

Friendly Neighbour

Sweet, mine is out for delivery in. Left Ajax this morning at 7am and I live next town over in Whitby... Looks like I'll be getting it today.. 


Looks like this was shipped out yesterday.


Hopefully I can stay awake long enough to get it, on nights so I don't want to miss the delivery since signature is required.

I'm having mine delivered to my office. It was in Mississauga yesterday at 4:36. As of this morning at 7:14am it was in Ajax and now its out for delivery. My office is in Ajax and the mail usually gets here about 10am.... 🙂

@JonnyMac Hey Whitby guy! I'm in the Shwa and work in Ajax.

Friendly Neighbour

@RichP Hey Shwa guy, I work in Toronto 🙂 


On nights right now, hoping I get the phone before I need to go to sleep. At least I don't work tonight so I can wait a little longer then normal. 

@JonnyMac I guess for you it would depend on when you get your normal mail deliveries or at least I hope thats the case. It would be a kick in the pants if it wasnt because I dont feel like sitting around at the office after 5pm on a Friday with the best weekend weather of this rainy summer ahead of us.

Friendly Neighbour
My order tracking number was sent it says it was shipping from calgary sunce 8pm last night and arrives today. Ordered on the 2nd or 3rd day of it avaiable.

Helpful Neighbour

Mine is out for delivery too 🙂

Mines been delivered with a notice according to tracking.  Can't wait to get home to get it!

I really wanna sleep... and I feel like:


Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing


Bah, its been out for delivery for 3.5 hours and I am only a few blocks from the post office in Ajax. lol so frustrating waiting.


Edit: I need to stop posting things like this. Literally 2 minutes after I posted it arrived and its big and beautiful

Helpful Neighbour

I have just received mine in Mississauga, Ontario 🙂 It is amazing 🙂 Worth the wait 🙂


Thank you, Telus 🙂

Lucky folks in TO.


I'm sitting here, refreshing the Canada Post tracking page. It was "processed" in Montreal at 10am. Send it out for delivery already!