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Note8 Preorders shipping date?

Helpful Neighbour

Hi all,


I was wondering if anybody knows when will Telus ship the preordered Note8 devices?


Thanks 🙂

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Same.  Hoping that people who are posting on this forum will let us know when they receive it and if they were notified.  I'm going to post when I get mine.

@Hamstermatic I'll post mine, then I'll hop over to Mobilesyrup and let them know over there.

@ThisGuyDoesntCare lol you are hovering over on the Rogers forums too arent you?

I'm hovering over all the forums it seems. Can't wait to get my device, and just waiting on news from everyone.

Ohhhh I thought you got yours already, but I guess you were talking about your buddies just showing up. Its frustrating reading the rogers forums seeing that their devices have been shipped to the store. And not one single Telus customer stating they had theirs shipped or that their status has been updated.

My status is still "Order Approved", I'm hoping that I just go home after work and a Canada Post notification is there.

The problem is... We do not know! We are anticipating something that may or may not happen... And who in the world thought of September 15th? Right before the weekend. So, if it is delayed or delivery is missed, you'd need to wait until the next week! Telus is ruining my experience!

That is true.  But we have waited this long.  What is a few more days?  Don't get me wrong, I'm anxious about it too, but it'll come when it comes.  As long as we aren't waiting weeks after the launch day.....  I understand though.  I've been looking forward to the phone since the announcement.

@Hamstermatic If it doesn't make it tomorrow, I am not likely to preorder in general and from Telus in specific. I mean, the disappointment started with the freebies that come with the phone compared to other markets. Other markets have options to choose from, we don't. Then the potential of receiving the phone after launch.


I mean, if I know for sure that we gonna get the phone a few days later, I will just cancel the preorder and get it from the store tomorrow. But, we don't even know that! We are not even sure if there will be enough units in stores tomorrow or not!


I just want my phone 😭!

I live 3 blocks from my friend, and he got his Black Note 8 delivered this morning. I ordered a Blue one and am still waiting for it. We both ordered from samsung. I have seen a few other posts on various forums of people getting their Note 8's today as well, and in all cases they were the black one. I am starting to wonder if the Blue One is delayed or in less supply.

That is true.  I would be upset too if the stores had it before we did.  Then we could have not preordered at all.  It's frustrating not knowing. 

@ThisGuyDoesntCare . I just find it interesting that your friends just showed up.  That is what gives me hope that we won't see notification and they will just show up as a pleasant surprise! 

I have hope too, even if it is tomorrow when that happens. And my history with Telus orders are good in terms of speed of deliveries. Never did a pre-order with them though.

Neither have I.  I've gone through their third party to repair a device.  They were fantastic.

I'm losing hope for an arrival tomorrow. Even though the pre-order status says it will arrive then.

Hi, TELUS normally ships the device on the same day it leaves the warehouse, most of the time. Therefore, I strongly suggest to take a look at your e-mail inbox tomorrow morning. Thanks. 

Wow. We got the attention of a community manager. Thanks. That gives me hope. 🙂

@Hamstermatic lol we did. In all fairness, this does look like the longest thread in this section of their forums so I should hope we got their attention.

Now the question becomes if it's shipped tomorrow when do we get it?

Good morning.
So no change in my order status and no email yet.

Same. No status change yet