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Note8 Preorders shipping date?

Helpful Neighbour

Hi all,


I was wondering if anybody knows when will Telus ship the preordered Note8 devices?


Thanks 🙂

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I just went back and forth with a rep on facebook.  The exact message they sent me, based on my order & account number, was this:  "The device should leave our warehouse today, or tomorrow. Once it does, Canada Post tracking number will be sent to you within 24 hours."

Well that's promising! Hopefully I/we hear something tonight or early tomorrow!

I was thinking that actually. By the time it's shipped and updated in the system it could take a day or two. We might only get a shipping notification tomorrow but it might have been sent out today

I'm starting to think we won't have our devices by tomorrow. My status hasn't changed and no tracking number yet.

Helpful Neighbour

Are we still checking our emails every five second 😤

@Muhammad. Yes. Lol

Well the status changed from "Order approved" to "Order received" with this:


We're processing your order, which you should receive in 3 to 5 business days. When your order ships, we'll send you the tracking number.

So, I guess that I won't have a same day delivery as a rep told me earlier this morning...

3-5 days isn't September 15th. I don't know how many people pre-ordered the Note 8, but I'm sure they'll be receiving a couple of angry phone calls if this is the case

Helpful Neighbour

Maybe three to five business days is an automated message.

I'm STILL sitting at order approved. This is unacceptable. Preorders should have priority over store sales. If I go into a store tomorrow and they have stock and I don't have mine yet, I'm going to be pissed.

It's ridiculous now, in french the text below "Order received" is not the same as in english. In french, it's the same one as "Order approved" with still 15th as delivery date. I had a chat on the french Facebook's page of Telus, simply put, the fault is on Samsung for the late shipping. Also, according to them, It's not because the shipping is late that we will receive the phone after everybody else. Sounds to me that the quantity in store will be very low for the launch tomorrow.

My buddy just got his delivered (ordered directly from Samsung). His was a black one. I haven't received mine yet and also ordered from Samsung, but mine is a blue one. I'm hoping the blue one isn't in short supply or anything and that mine will show up later.

Did your buddy receive a notification or did it just show up?  Some of the forums I've been reading show that if you ordered the phone last week, Samsung says they won't receive it until Oct 14th.  Good thing I ordered on the reveal day

It just showed up. No shipping email or anything. Seems like Samsung shipped pre-orders yesterday.

That actually gives me hope!  Thanks!

@ThisGuyDoesntCare When did you order? and did you order through Telus or Samsung?

I ordered Aug 24, and from

Ya I just saw that looking back. Thanks for the update though you lucky bugger!

Still waiting on my order status to change. grrrrrrrrr

I ordered from Telus on August 25th and still haven't heard anything yet 😕

I am starting to not like this pre-order system. I thought for sure we would have the device before it hit shelves. Apparently if you pre-order through a carrier then you may be out of luck. I am highly doubtful at this point that I will have the device by tomorrow, but stranger things have happened. 🙂

I'm just looking forward to the first person getting their from Telus, so I know if I should expect an update in order status or if it will just show up at the door.


So much time wasted refreshing my order status!