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Note8 Preorders shipping date?

Helpful Neighbour

Hi all,


I was wondering if anybody knows when will Telus ship the preordered Note8 devices?


Thanks 🙂

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Helpful Neighbour

On an online chat, an agent explained that the "marketing team" decision is to ship the devices within three to five days after the official launch! As for business users, it seems that some will receive it on the launch date, but others will not.


My take is... No one has any clue  😂

Friendly Neighbour

If they said they will ship it to you by sept 15 and don't, that's basically a breach in contract.


Rogers customers are starting to say they are seeing movement on their orders. I am a Telus user, but decided to buy mine direct from Samsung Canada, which appears to be the slowest option out there. I would love it if people could post updates of when their Note 8 ships, and if you did/didn't buy it from Telus, mention that too.

I bought my note 7 last year directly from samsung and they were incredibly fast about it, perhaps you were a little slow on when you preordered and it put you on a later batch?

Nope, ordered on the 24th of August. Still showing as "preparing dispatch".

Went to make a change on my pre-order (SIM card), but was told that my order can' be changed because the product is in "prepared for shipment" so that is some good news. I placed my order August 24th..

JonnyMac did you order from Samsung or Telus?

My Telus order is still sitting in "order approved". They could probably ship as late as Thursday and overnight it for it to be here on Friday.

Just checked my order and mine says "Order Approved " as well.

Also says I will have it by Sept 15th. If it doesnt ship today then I dont think I will have it by Friday.

I'm in the same boat. Unless the retail stores all already have the phones and they ship them out locally overnight within the next day, there's no way I'm getting my phone by Friday.

I better get my device by Friday. I'm not a fan of this pre-order stuff. The way how I see it is I have to purchase the device on a credit card and pay up front (in this case 2 weeks) before I get my device, hence having to pay 2 weeks+ interest on my credit card for something I dont own yet. I mean I COULD pay off the credit card, but I will do that once I have the device in hand in case I decide to cancel my pre-order if it doesnt come by Friday. Here is hoping for an update today.

I thought that was weird with Telus. Every other company I've pre-ordered from they put a hold, but don't charge the credit card until the item actually ships.

Regardless, we'll wait and see, at least the pre order bonuses are nice.

This is the first time I have pre-ordered a device.

Aren't they normally shipped before the release date?

When I preordered my iPhone 5 back when I was with Fido, there was a massive backlog and I didn't even get one shipped for about 3 weeks. Then I went to Best Buy and they had at least 30 laying in their cabinet. Just for Fido. So I went and purchased it, when home, and cancelled my preorder. I'm hoping the same thing doesn't happen here.


So basically the pre-order thing is a crap shoot. Its all depending on how many Telus ordered from Sammy and whether or not they get their orders on time. Man, I'm going to cancel my pre-order if its not shipped by tomorrow.

This isn't just related to the Telus webstore, but in my experience, pre-ordering seems like the best way to ensure you get your device last compared to everyone else.

How do we cancel preorders? At Fido I had a $40 reservation fee, and an actual status window I had. It showed where in line I was to actually getting the phone, and options to cancel the preorder and such. Now I just have an email with a link to a status-checker. Is there an actual page with more preorder info?

HAHAHA I guess this could be true. I mean the carrier already have your money, so why not sell more devices in store before sending out the phone that someone already bought in a pre-order. I am going to have to check the rules in Canada for charging a credit card and expected delivery times/delays.

Also, Telus' order tracker page on the forums says this about the order being shipped:

Order shipped
The moment you have been waiting for. Your order has shipped and the courier name and tracking number will be provided to you. Shipping time can vary between 2-5 business days. 

So. Unless that status changes to "Order Shipped" today, I'm definitely not getting my phone by the date it lists in the preorder email.

I'm in the same boat, but ordered from Samsung Canada directly, which in my experience has some of the worst customer service going. Only ordered from them because I currently have a $630 device balance from a previous activation I did with Telus and now Telus are only going to give me a $550 device balance if I pay off the previous tab first and get the note 8 from them. So I would end up having to pay $80 more with Telus, unless if anyone knows if Telus Stores would be selling this outright come Friday, which I doubt they would do without a fight.

Not promising when a Telus rep says you "SHOULD" get your pre-order on the 15th.


@TheOneChristo wrote:
JonnyMac did you order from Samsung or Telus?

My Telus order is still sitting in "order approved". They could probably ship as late as Thursday and overnight it for it to be here on Friday.

I ordered mine from Telus, but my status online still says "order approved". When I talked to the Online Sales department about my SIM card, he told me we can't make any changes to your order because its prepared and ready for shipment.


So I don't know what to take from that. Do they have all these phones ready to be shipped and shipping them tomorrow overnight? I would be a little pissed if I don't get my phone on the 15th, since they said you will get your phone on or before Sept 15.


I had ready before that the pre-order gifts were only eligible until Sept 14th pre-orders, but I see the date says Sept 17th I wonder what that is about...