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Note8 Preorders shipping date?

Helpful Neighbour

Hi all,


I was wondering if anybody knows when will Telus ship the preordered Note8 devices?


Thanks 🙂

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With the track record of Samsung Canada, Telus and a conversation I had with a Telus rep after my pre-order, Probably not until Thursday so we can get them on Friday (release day).

Helpful Neighbour

Thank you very much. It would be very disappointing if the device doesn't arrive this week. Two reasons, the obvious one is that the device is expected to be widely available next week and the other, I have already been waiting for it since the Note 5 😂. Note 5 was disappointing. Note 7 was... you know :).


Thank you again.

@Muhammad I wish it was shipping earlier. Can't wait to get my hands on this device (as long as it doesnt blow up in it). I had the Note 7 and I LOVED that device. Used the pen all the time. The idea of having 2 side by side apps going at the same time is also appealing.

Here is hoping it ships tomorrow or today instead of Thursday.

Helpful Neighbour

@RichP, I totally agree with you. Users in other countries have already received their devices. Let's hope that this will be the case and the devices will ship earlier.


I am using the stylus almost daily on my Note 4. My partner got an S8 and I love the camera module already and I believe the same one is used in the Note8. I didn't use the side by side app that often, the implementation on the Note 4 is not that awesome and, I get distracted easily anyways for me to fiddle through it. However, with the screen real estate on the Note8 I think it might be more useful.


Let's wait and see 🙂

I did have a concern about the size of the phone. I currently have a Pixel XL and thats a good size for me width wise. It was nice to receive my cases on Friday so I got a good judgement on the width and it seems very close in width to the Pixel XL which made me happy. I also like the updated software and for sure the dual camera setup. Now if this one doesnt blow up, then I will be a very happy camper.

Oh man, I just had a chat with a online Telus rep to see if they had any info on the shipping times.


Seems like they are SHIPPING on Sept. 15th. which would mean that we wont get them till the following week. 😞

If that's true (and I actually do believe you are correct), then what is the point in pre-ordering? I might as well just head to the store on the 15th and pick it up in person. I firmly believe that pre-orders should get an early access perk, and that Telus should have shipped these out last week like Verizon and T-mobile did.

I might also add, that with the iPhone launch tomorrow, Telus is focusing all it's resources on getting the iPhone 8/X/10 (whatever it is called) launced. Telus really doesn't care that much about it's Android users at all, and considers them to be 2nd tier customers. Proof is the fact that WiFi calling and VoLTE is still nowhere in sight for Android users.

@BasesLoadedWalk wrote:

If that's true (and I actually do believe you are correct), then what is the point in pre-ordering? I might as well just head to the store on the 15th and pick it up in person. I firmly believe that pre-orders should get an early access perk, and that Telus should have shipped these out last week like Verizon and T-mobile did.

Believe what you want, but it is also possible that Telus has an agreement with Samsung (Canada) as to the release date which agreement could be very different to that of the USA.  Your pre-order also guarantees you a phone in timely manner, whereas obtaining one at a retail outlet may be hit or miss.


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I would like to mention, though, that the email I've received after preordering explicitly states that:

You will receive your phone by September 15, 2017. 

If the phones aren't shipping until that date, why did Telus indicate otherwise in the preorder email?

I agree @Auxilio

My email states the same. By September 15th, 2017 sooooooooooo they should start shipping by wednesday if they want to hit that mark.

I can't wait for the day that carries are separated from the Hardware business. It makes no sense that for so long we had to buy a phone from the carrier. I didn't buy my television from Telus to use it with Optik TV, so why should that have been different with phones up until very recently?

@ThisGuyDoesntCare. Mmmm! I think you can just buy it straight from Samsung and pay full price, as much as you'd do for a TV set. I have moved to Canada from another country where carriers do not sell phones against plans and the only thing you can do is to pay up front for the total cost of the device or seek some financing option that is separate from your plan.

Helpful Neighbour

I have ordered my device through Telus Business, which has a different ordering process. So, what I received was "two to four weeks" one week ago. But, I believe this is just an automated message because it really doesn't make sense.


Yes, I think Samsung is forcing a uniform date for all carriers. That is it is not favouring Telus over the competition for an example. But then, it doesn't make sense for us to receive the device after September 15th. Actually, in a competitive world, if Telus deliver the device later than other carriers, someone might just jump the ship.


If it is in the market before it is delivered, one could just cancel/return the preorder and get it from any Telus store.


I don't believe in conspiracy theories, so I wouldn't go to Apple vs Samsung thing.

I just had a chat with them and I got quite the runaround concerning the date. First, He told that I will be ship on the 14th or the 15th to be received the same day!!! After mentioning my confirmation email about a delivery for the 15th, he changed is stand and told me that I will receive my phone the 15th and I will get an email with a Canada Post tracking number just before.

Oh of course we will all get the email with the tracking number.

I just read on the Rogers forums that their reservations(pre-orders) are starting to all be pushed to the "Processing" phase. Telus might be in the same boat. Received their shipments last night and might be printing shipping labels. I mean lets assume 30k pre-orders in Canada and 10k for Telus. Their 2 cameleon crew and pet pot belly pig at the warehouse cant print and make 10k labels / boxes in a day you know. 🙂 lol

This will be available in retail stores with no trouble to find. This isn't apple that creates fake shortages of phones to drum up hype and media attention under the guise of false scarcity. No point in pre-ordering and getting the device later than those who didn't pre-order. Plus, you will still get the pre-order gifts if you just register for them on the Samsung website and pretend you did the preorder from Telus. Samsung fulfillment will know no different, and only requires that you register saying that you preordered by taking your word on it, (no receipt is asked for) and sends out the gifts once you log into the Note 8 phone with your samsung account before Oct. 31.

@ThisGuyDoesntCare Ha! I wonder if anyone is doing this or have done this before.

I read on the Samsung website that you get your free gifts you have to order before Sept 14th. So I would think that is the advantage of pre-ordering, but then again if they don't ask for proof I guess it doesn't make a difference. But who knows maybe when you get the phone and complete the registration on the Samsung site they may ask for a receipt at that point??


Either way, I think anytime you pre-order like this, that the pre-orders should get the device a few days or something before the stores. An incentive  (from the carrier) of pre-ordering.

Almost positive that the pre-order gifts are sent (4-6 weeks for delivery btw yuck) after you register your Note 8 with the Samsung website. They probably use the embedded serial number of the device to register that you pre-ordered the device. I got an email telling me to go to a certain website to register that I bought the pre-order and now in order to complete it I need to just login with the device.


As for the pre-order itself, one would think that if you DID a pre-order then you should get the device before Telus even stocked its own shelves with it. I mean to my understanding, most shipments are received on mondays and the shelves are stocked for Tuesday sales. At least thats how Best Buy works. Come to think of it, I bet Best Buy has a bunch sitting in the back of their stores right now just waiting for the Friday release date.