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Note 4 Marshmallow Update

Just Moved In

Is this actually going to happen or are we SOL? The Note 5 is continually mentioned, but so far silence on the Note 4 for the last few weeks. 


I appreciate the update schedule updated by Telus, but knowing either way what's going on is better then not knowing at all.


After I updated to 6.0.1 my note 4 gps is not working and it will lockup and reboot twice a month. Other than that everything works well.

I haven't had issues with texting on mine.


I've had lots of issues with it restarting though and it's very strange. It doesn't even seem like a full restart. I notice it when I'm listening to music, and the song doesn't even stop playing, it just sort of skips a few times. 


When I notice it happening I'll look at my phone, I won't be able to view anything on the screen, and eventually I'll see the "device has restarted" message asking me to input my backup password since it won't accept a fingerprint after the restart (all while continuing to play the song I was listening to).

After having many issues with Android 6.0.1 on my note 4, I decided to factory reset it and set it up as a new phone. It took longer time but it seems that my phone is now stable and most of the issues that I faced before the rest are now fixed. Not ideal but it worked 

Helpful Neighbour