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Note 4 Marshmallow Update

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Is this actually going to happen or are we SOL? The Note 5 is continually mentioned, but so far silence on the Note 4 for the last few weeks. 


I appreciate the update schedule updated by Telus, but knowing either way what's going on is better then not knowing at all.



Since they haven't posted about it, thats a pretty good sign Samsung hasn't given any indication it's in the works. Have you reached out to Samsung Canada by way of their social media channels?

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Someone from telus updates this page regularly:

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Any updates about Galaxy Note 4 update? I didn't receive Android 6.0 yet

Telus is last in line on getting updates..
I expect it from Telus when 7.0 is released..

When they said May 23, they probably didn't know it was going to be a holiday, so probably we'll get it tomorrow.


Got the update on my Note Foureo. It's not even 6.0, it's 8.0 running Android Oreo!


Just kidding, no update and we probably have to wait a day or two moreo.

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It's on!

Currently installing...

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I think I just bricked my phone trying to get the update with Smart Switch!!

I advise you wait or try another method!

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Ok, scratch the last message, guys!


I had to do an emergency restore (WTF?) twice (seriously WTF??) but now it's optimizing apps in 6.0 so I think I'm all good.


That was unpleasant...

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Downloading 6.0.1 on my Note 4. Fingers crossed...

Mine updated to 6 just after midnight Pacific standard time. Finally!

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Any new updates for Android 6.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Activesync stopped working after I updated my phone to 6.0.1  😞

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I just checked and I haven't received the Marshmallow update yet for my Note 4.  My phone was originally with Rogers and it was unlocked by them prior to moving to Telus.  Any idea if I need to do something special to get the Telus Marshmallow update onto my Note 4?

In your case, Rogers will push the update. It's scheduled for may 30.

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It's mentioned that the note 4 will receive the update on 23rd of mai ,well i didn't receive anything yet 😞

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Nila... I am done waiting..

They are not accurate with dates. My wife got it on her Nexus 7 six months ago which is like way older than Note 4

I haven't gone further than searching google to see if there is any
mention, and following up in this Telus forum. It seems incredible that the
new Samsung Note 4 that I bought at Telus last year will not receive
further android updates.

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So I updated today and now I don't have contacts, it's apparently updating to my new language preferences which I didn't change, I cant see a dial screen for my phone but I can answer calls, and I'm really frustrated. And my battery is draining super fast. Help!

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Any thoughts how to fix the activesync issue on Android 6.0.1 on Note 4? I updated my phone few weeks ago and activesync stopped working as a result couldn't access my corporate email.... I saw that some users have the same issue but I couldn't find the resolution of this issue

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You've asked the same question multiple times. You will need to deal with Samsung for any problems with the software. Their bugs delayed the release and if active sync isn't working, it appears they missed one.

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The Marshmallow update has turned my Note 4 from a decent phone to a slow, frustrating piece of junk.


It freezes if I'm writing a text as another one comes in, then pastes whatever I typed during the freeze muliple times. It frequently restarts without any reason. It suffers sudden battery drains. Performance is generally slow and unresponsive.


I have tried clearing the cache etc. and even resorted to a complete factory reset, but nothing helps


Does anyone else have the same problems, and is there a way to fix them?