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Nokia Lumia 930

Just Moved In

Here is the Nokia Lumia 930, just announced today! Running the new Windows 8.1 OS


Will telus be carrying this phone? 


Hi SA and welcome to the Telus Neighbourhood. You'll see that everyone here is helpful. I was wroking for Bell, 10 years ago and the policy in regards to new phones is probably the same. Because of specific agreements with the manufacturers, the mobile providers don't have much control over the choices of hardwares and their OS. It's like asking your local gas station to change the engine in your next model of car. You can buy $300 of gas, they still won't be able to impact your car's features. The key is to frequently search on Google and to choose if you'll be an Apple, Android, Rim or Windows user. The arrival of a new device (like the Samsung S5 or Iphone 5s) is now becoming an event, which complicates things for the providers. When I was working for Bell, we were told about a release date only few days before the phone was available.

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Rogers told my friend that the 930 is on its way.    I need LTE for wifi tethering and will be sticking with Telus.  Telus must have something cooking on the high end.

Just Moved In

Currently running a Nokia 1020 and loving it, and my wife loves her 520. We've been Telus customers for over a decade, but if we don't have some good Windows phones to choose from when our contract comes up we'll be moving on.....



A bit late, but just so everyone is aware, the international version of the 930 that is available at Expansys can connect to LTE on Rogers or Bell in areas that have the 2600Mhz LTE network. At the moment it's only in big cities (Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver for the most part), but it is available. It won't work on Telus anywhere, since Telus doesn't have 2600MHz spectrum at all.


Just a thought to anyone like me who is trying to decide if I want to buy one or wait for news on future releases.