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I turned 18 this year and would like the get a contract, I have no credit so there fore I was wondering if I will be made to pay a safety deposit to get a contract?

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First, we would need to know what provice you are in. You need to be over the age of majority for your provice - In BC, the age is 19, in a lot of easter provnices the age is 18. 


Typically, if you have no credit history, there is a deposit that ranges from $200-1000, but you may also qualify for what they call the 'credit limit program'. Essentially, they don't make you pay a deposit, but you need to keep your monthly bill under $200. 


I'd suggest giving their client care team a call. They will be able to do the credit check over the phone. Smiley Happy

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Hi tannernn28, happy birthday Smiley Happy The answer provided by dark_knight is correct and it's actually a good thing for you since having a regular cell phone bill is a good way to build your credit history.