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Network listing has disappeared from Iphone settings.


Suddenly I've lost my WiFi connection on my Iphone.  In Settings, my Network is no longer listed.  But on my desk computer, everything works great.  How do I get my Network back to access WiFi ???


Community Power User
Community Power User

Power down your phone, then power on. Also reboot your modem and see if you can reconnect.

Nope..that didn't work.  How can my computer find my WiFi when the Iphone in my hand can't ??

Can I assume your computer is using WiFi and not an Ethernet cable?

You really need to provide more information in order for someone to diagnose the issue remotely.

Does your iPhone have WiFi turned on?
Is it in airplane mode?
Can you see other WiFi networks like your neighbors WiFi perhaps? is using WiFi.   Phone has WiFi turned on and Airplane mode is Off. And I can see many neighbours networks...just not mine anymore.  Haven't done anything to either my modem or my phone, so don't know what happened.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Follow these steps to see if it works:

  1. Find the admin password on the side of your router (modem).
  2. On your computer (preferably connected by ethernet) type into the address bar of a browser. This will open the device management page.
  3. Enter admin into the Login space; enter the password you collected above into the password space.
  4. Choose wireless froth options near the top of the screen.
  5. On the Basic Settings make sure SSID Broadcast is set to enable.
  6. Choose Apply at the bottom of the page.

On your iPhone:

  1. Go to settings > Wi-Fi and make sure Ask to Join Networks is on.


You can also try the My Wi-Fi app as described here, but you may need to be connected the Wi-Fi for it to work.


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Community Power User
Community Power User

If the SSID from your router is not visible to your iPhone, it will have trouble connecting. Make sure your router settings are not set to hide your SSID.

If you know the SSID of your wireless network, you can type it in to your iPhone, along with the password and connect to your network.


Your computer will use somewhat different methods to connect to the network, and may well work even if the SSID is hidden.


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Would you put that in plain English for 80-year old brain doesn't do computer talk !  So...I know what my WiFi network should do I see if my router (is that the same as modem?) is blocking my ...Network?  If I just need to type in my network number, where and how do I do that ?  I'm sure it's something very simple...just not making sense to me.