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My iphone 4 has lagging/slow data

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The cell data usage gets really slow or doesn't work at all. I have to turn on/off airplane mode to get it work. Telus techs have given me no fix. Pls help!!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Same issue here with my iPhone 4 but mine is only intermittent. I think iOS7 has something to do with it.

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If you haven't done the update of ios7 on your iphone4 yet, I strongly suggest that you keep it that way and NOT update it. If you did, unfortunately it's not possible to revert back. If your data issue is intermittent and happens everywhere, than it's most probably a hardware issue. Either your sim needs to be exchanged, or your phone's software is playing tricks on you. Try doing Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings first (it won't delete anything except your saved wifi passwords). If that doesn't help, try a phone restore or exchanging your sim at a store.

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I have tried everything that was suggested to me and I'm still having problems. I'm wondering if this could be an ios7, or an iphone 4, or maybe telus problem? Any help would be appreciated.


Have you looked in the possibility to make an early renewal and change the device to a newer one ? It will most likely resolve your matter.