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Multi-service Discounts: Home and Mobility services


Does Telus provide any discount ($, features) for using both Mobility and Home services from Telus? I see various add-on discounts from various providers.  I tried searching and cannot find anything about this on Telus site so thought I would ask.



Telus has a $5/product discount when you have 2+ Mobility & Home services, just call in and they'll add it with no hassle.


This page from, Bundles and Deals section, and has the deals available(my link is for Alberta. you may need to select your region).  If you have both your home and post paid mobility under the same name, you can bundle your home and mobile together to get an additional 5 off per month on the home services bill for also subscribing to mobility.  

"Bundle Home Services
Sign up for 2 or more TELUS services and get a $5 per month discount for each.1"

There's also a mobility side credit you can apply for, but I know less about that promo. You'd want to talk to mobility team about that one.

"Bundle with Mobility

Save up to $100 on a smartphone when you bundle TV and Internet.2"