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A quick update - the device is now available on our consumer site and available at select dealers. Happy ordering! 🙂 

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I have yet to see Telus putting KEYone in the phone lineup. Any pre-order???

Chances are you'll have to purchase direct from blackberry.

Back in February, Telus twitted and confirmed "KEYone is coming soon to Telus".

I just heard today that KEYone will be available for pre-order on May 18th through Canadian carriers. However, it looks like only Telus Business will have it, NOT Telus Personal. Apparently, it is not a good news to me. If Telus Personal does not have it, I have to switch to Bell or Rogers for KEYone.  

Telus apparently does not care.  I cannot get answers on this by phone, chat or twitter.  I hate to do this after being a long time Telus customer but both Bell and Rogers have the KeyOne for consumers

The same here. No answer from anyone I talked to. Funny how it's to be released in a few days but no one will say anything. How can it sit on a shelf only for business users. I will leave Telus over this if I can't get it from them. If I have to purchase it outright from BlackBerry then they don't get my business. Been a customer since Clearnet (bought at a Blockbuster for my first phone) but I will go to Rogers.

Used the chat feature on Mobility and Tracey with Telus advised that at this time, Telus had no interest in introducing the BlackBerry Keyone into their line-up. She continued on to say that it didn't mean they wouldn't get it, just not in the foreseeable future. Which definitely confirms that no one at Telus seems to know what's going on with the phone, as all the articles keep saying Telus right in with all the other carriers, but their frontline customer service are saying it isn't happening.



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Right on point. No one seems to know or Care for that matter since a lot of us are clamouring for the phone. I have never understood how they don't see that they make $ off of the service bill and the phone is such a small part. Any business clients on here know if they can get it. I'll buy it off them immediately.

I am stunned long term private customers can not get access to the Keyone thru Telus... And I agree switching to Rogers makes sense... in fact I would suggest if anyone takes this option, reduce your existing Telus to the $15.00 / month account suspense category where you keep your number with no package, *72 to your new Rogers number so that your Rogers' line just cloaks your Telus image and you can maintain Telus status just in case.   Well, that being said and after having read all your blogs, I think I am heading over to Rogers tomorrow... And I stand by my belief that physical keyboards are faster and more accurate than tactile... And advice to Blackberry:  Improve Your Marketing.  Heavy "pro users" stand by their Blackberry but you are being out-imaged by marketing tactics of your comp set.      

Just an Update... went to a Rogers store today May 28, held a Keyone in my hand - not allowed to buy it until May 31.  I reserved it, but couldn't buy it... So if Telus has it on the 31st - notwithstanding resolution to the private or business customer issue people are blogging it may come out to be the same as Rogers.  Will see on May 31 at 10:00 am...  But at least I have one reserved elsewhere... 

I also am very disappointed that telus will only carry the KEYONE for business. Seriously considering on jumping ship to Bell or Rogers. I will wait and see what happens after the 31st. After discussing with a service rep online, it looks like for now, there are no plans for consumers. After 3 yrs, my Passport is slowly giving up the ghost and I can't wait much longer!

This isn't the point, most people want the convenience of getting it through the carrier and if the carrier stops supplying devices people want, they'll move on.

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Neighbourhood Alum

Hi Folks,


We've heard your feedback and we have some exciting news - the KEYone will be launching for consumer customers in the very near future. We'll be updating this thread with more info as it comes. 🙂

this is awesome news! replying in order to be able to stay in the loop as this develops.  Hopefully the wait won't be too long!

This is good news... and devastating news...  Since both Rogers and Bell were first to the market with this device catering to the niche market (business / commercial / secure / productivity oriented segment) and since Telus had no firm offer, I regret to say that today after 16 years with Telus, 2 telephones, 1 ancillary device and over $75,000 in revenue to Telus over my life as a Telus client,  I had to jump ship to Bell simply because the device I had inquired about so many times at Telus had no firm offer and was immediately available at Bell. 


It's too bad... On one hand I am happy I got the device I wanted in a timely manner, on the other hand I may regret leaving Telus but I may have difficultly equating this to a tangible reason given I had no benefits superior to any other client, after 16 years. 


Telus should have sent its clients a preliminary survey for expressions of interest in order to weigh potential market mass.  If that had occured with commitment to deliver slightly later than May 31,  I would have stayed on board...   

My experience today was total painal to acquire the device today too from Telus. I thought that I had a business account with 5 lines but discovered that I have a consumer account under my business name. Back and forth between business and consumer reps they simply could not find a way to get me a Keyone. I've been a customer since Clearnet days.

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@drecar - As @A_Kron mentioned three posts prior in this discussion, there will be an announcement regarding the KEYone shortly. It's not available yet so you will not be able to order it from a Telus store yet.

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The phone was available on May 31st , I know, I got one ... using it now. Yes, on contract on my consumer account.