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Is Telus planning on carrying the Sony Xperia Z5?

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Is Telus planning on carrying the Sony Xperia Z5?


Community Power User
Community Power User

We won't know until it is announced. It will depend if Telus got the exclusive rights to the phone or not.

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Likely not but it is possible. Z2 and Z3 were considered unsuccessful by telus due to issues according to a salesman. Both models apparently were ordered to cease sale. I've had no issues with my z3 other than is bugs which I've experienced with Samsung phones as well, Android is far from perfect. Bell has exclusive rights for the z5 but that's usually only for six months and not indefinitely. I believe bell had exclusivity on the z3 as well and telus picked it up after the six months bell had it. I'll be leaving telus if they don't carry it, waiting for the six months from release to see if they do. The fact that they give no news on availability and leave it surprise is super annoying