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I want to STAY with Telus, but it seems Telus doesn't want me

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Seriously, I just came back from a telus location where I waited over 3 hours to change my phone to the new 10 gb plan. You have reps calling customer service people overloading the system for people wanting to switch? That's after I waited in live chat for 2 hours with 288 people in front of me. It stopped moving at 5 people left. All I want to do is switch to the somewhat reasonable plan. Because even at 60 a month it's not reasonable.

There's really no excuse. You and the other carriers totally rape the people of this country in a monopoly and when you DO in fact offer something even approaching more reasonable you put a short deadline on it and don't staff your call center properly to prevent people from getting any kind of service.

Not only that but when I showed up wanting to switch my account, figuring at a location I'd get better service, I was 4th in line. The four people in front of me had NOT been helped because Telus put priority on serving the customers who wanted to sign up rather than switch. Oh it's not their fault because to switch you need ot talk to a customer service rep? That's just not an excuse.

And lastly, I wanted to stay with telus because I was more or less happy with the cell service. I have to pay out my contract to stay with you? Yea. No. If you're going to force me to pay out my contract for the privilege of staying with you then I'm going to pay to leave. If you'd like to remedy that I'd be happy to stay but no way I'm paying to be skipped over by your garbage processes and systems. I'll pay to leave. Telus has wasted my whole day by their incompetent planning for a huge promotion, arbitrary screw the customer deadlines and BRUTAL process making reps at a freaking store have to call through your overloaded system. Posting this to your forum as well. How do you expect to keep your own customers when all you do is disrespect their time and money like this? How?


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You realize each Telus location is independently owned and this was an exceptional chaotic period for Robelus and Koodo?


@indiefan23 wrote:

Telus has wasted my whole day by their incompetent planning for a huge promotion...

This promotion was not planned, and that's the problem; it was basically a sudden price war that everybody had to deal with the best they could, like a sudden gas price war, line-ups happen and some people will go without.


Don't feel bad. They don't want a customer of 30 years. For the last 7 days I have been trying to get access to my email. No help from Telus.







Telus, Bell, and Rogers only care about new potential customers.  The rest of us locked into contracts they already have.  The reason  behind the plan offering was to get some of the more frugal customers that usually flock to Freedom and don't care about the slow data and dismal calling area.  The 10GB BYOD (bring your own device) plan will more than likely be back again at a slightly higher cost.  


Don't expect customer service in-store and over the phone to get any better with the minimum wage spike incoming, at least in Ontario.  Companies will not cut their profits to maintain the current pathetic level of support offered so expect that to get worse in the new year when there is any sort of demand for it.  

Be careful with what you say here. They have already threatened to ban me. Only pleasant nice comments about Telus are allowed. They can do no wrong.



Maybe you weren't referring to me but I can say I have never received any sort of warning for stating my honest opinion and what I have personally experienced.  My experience may vary greatly to that of someone else though.  I brought 6 lines to Telus because they offered me a fair deal on their superior network to Rogers and did it in a way where the customer service was welcoming and helpful.  That was years ago though.  Over those years, especially 2017, the customer service just isn't there!  The employees in stores lie to customers, treat them like they should be thankful they even bothered to acknowledge their presence, and have no clue about anything they are selling.  


On Wednesday, I witnessed a sales guy in the Scarborough Town Centre store tell a customer the reason why a Spigen case in the Telus store was $40 was because anything cheaper on Amazon and in stores like T-Booth are all fakes.  It is crap like that which makes me loathe the store level of support.  A few weeks before that, I had a sales guy in the Eaton's Centre store try and tell me the V30 demo model on display was the same model they sell.  I corrected him by showing him that it was a V300 and not the H933 on the box and he still refused to accept the facts that were right in front of his ignorant face and got very rude about it!  That experience was bad enough to actually file a complaint that seems to have fallen on deaf ears.  These experiences are becoming too common instead of the rarity they once were and Telus isn't interested in doing anything about it.  The same applies to the 4 V30's I have had between Tuesday of this week and today.  All 4 had defective screens and yet the best answer I get is, buy something else or keep exchanging them until you get one that isn't.  I returned the phone and tablet and am considering returning the two Note 8's as well because I am just not happy with the customer service I receive and take my 6 lines elsewhere.  

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Not sure why you continue to blame Telus for your LG phone issues. When the reasoning was explained

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The simple answer is...  They take the returned devices, factory reset them, reseal the box, and put it back on the stock room shelves to give to the next person instead of sending them back as defective!  

Syaoran wrote: 

The same applies to the 4 V30's I have had between Tuesday of this week and today.  All 4 had defective screens and yet the best answer I get is, buy something else or keep exchanging them until you get one that isn't.

LG V30 screens in Canada are defective. The defect has been known since before launch, and yet, the product launched. I love LG tablets, and badly wanted the V30 phone, but nope. LG has no interest in fixing the screens worldwide; they keep saying they have, but that seems to depend on where the phones are. In Canada, stay far away from the LG V30. Buy something else.

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Maybe everyone should take a quick look and remind themselves of the rules and why this forum is here.  Thank you for posting the link.