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I just completed a 3yr contract and paid out device balance and want to upgrade

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I don't want to pay such a large amount of money up front in order to upgrade to an iphone 6 plus. I currently have an iPhone 4s and just finished a 3year contact and my device balance is paid off...I just don't want to pay so much up front and I am wondering if I could use an "easy pay" if it is an option to do so. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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An iPhone 6 plus with 64 GB memory is $1090.00 if purchased outright. If purchased with a minimum $70 per month service the upfront cost is $420, and if purchased today with another Telus service could be as low as $320 up front. I'd suggest this is already an 'Easy Pay' option, as you are already getting $670 spread over the 24 months of your contract, which is a better deal than  the $20 off / month you would receive if you chose the BYOD option.  If you can wait about a month, until Apple delivers the next version of the iPhone, you will likely see a further reduction in the price of the iPhone 6 plus, and can buy one then at likely a better price than today.

See this link for more info on the bundles:

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Unfortunately Telus does not offer a subsidy/financing option for the remaining $3-400 cost of the new iPhone and you'd have to pay it out of pocket, even if they did it would increase your monthly bill by $15-20. You can always buy a refurbished iPhone 6 Plus, its basically new but $100-150 cheaper.

If you're set on getting a brand new iPhone, you have to eat the cost at this point, the blame lies with Apple for how expensive these phones are (particularly the larger HD sizes).