How to access wifi in public when shaw wifi takes presedence


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everytime i try to access the internet in public, the Shaw log in page comes up and wont allow me to log in unless i am a Shaw customer.. Can i get around this.

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Hi... Unfortunately no, this is  a free WiFi to users of that company, however for other carriers they may charge for access, when you access to the network and have log in you will have to agree to their terms and some charges may apply. 

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It's like walking into apartment building with many ssid's. Just choose a non-Shaw network.

Personally I skip the unsecured public wifi and use my cellphone as I'm not stuck in one location.

You can ignore the Shaw popup, or if you're not a Shaw customer, you can sign-up as a guest and get 500mb of data free per month. The guest portal is very simple to use. If you're a Shaw customer, then you sign-in to Shaw Go Wifi using any one of your Shaw emails, and then you're using the gb's you pay for every month on your Shaw plan. I don't know if Telus has something similar, but check it out.


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I don't know if Telus has something similar, but check it out.


Telus Wifi-direct hotspots.

For Telus users and Telus guests.

How it works TELUS Wi-Fi keeps you connected outside your home – on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It is a free service, offered both to TELUS customers and non-customers.

There are two ways to connect to TELUS Wi-Fi. You can register on the #TELUS network, or you can connect automatically using #TELUSDirect.



To prevent phone popup, wanting to connect to wifi, you need to disable 'automatically connect to any wifi whenever the opportunity arises'.




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Just found this site everyone...

Zoom in on the map to click on dots to support these TelusDirect retailers and businesses.