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How do I find the owners of a stolen phone

Just Moved In
I recently bought a phone off a guy and I tried hooking it up and it says it was reported lost or stollen, how do I find the owners of the phone, so I can at least give it back to them, I'm out 360$ but I guess that's what I get for buying a phone off someone. But I'm sure the original owners would love there galaxy s5 back. There expensive phones.

Community Power User
Community Power User
Contact Telus directly and they can help connect the owner to you, if they have a record of the phone's IMEI # linked to the owner. I doubt they can provide you the owner's name due to privacy restrictions.

I hope you can make one person's day a lot brighter.

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Anyone buying a used phone should check this site first to see if it's stolen:


Anyone who's lost a phone should report it to their carrier so that they can record it in the above database.