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How can I PERMANENTLY block Shawopen from my WiFi list?


Is there a way I can PERMANENTLY block ALL Shawopen WiFi hotspots from my Telus iPhone? They are a royal pain. If I connect to a hotspot, and there is a Shawopen around, frequently it will disconnect my current WiFi, and connect to Shawopen, and then it takes me to their connect page, where 99% of the time, the guest option is unavailable at this location. OR, if I am on data, it will stop using the data, because I am 'connected' to wifi, when really I am just connected to the Shawopen sign in page. I can ignore this connection, but it comes back if I leave the WiFi range, and then come back again.


So I would like to know how can I BLOCK my iPhone from ever making a connection, or hopefully ever seeing a Shawopen WiFi hotspot? Thanks for reading my rant.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Not really, BUT.... when you next encounter a Shaw Hotspot connect to it, and choose the  information button at the far right of the line describing the hotspot. Choose 'Forget this Network' and it should reduce your grief. You can, in addition, deselect 'Ask to Join Networks' in settings > Wi-Fi. 


You can also tell the merchant what a Royal PITA Shaw Open is to non-Shaw clients.



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