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How is the performance of HTC One? Been thinking of getting it for my birthday.


Excellent perforamnce, fluid UI and no lag.


Only problem I have with it is that it gets quite hot when using data. Especially since it has an aluminium body.


I have been in the phone business for over ten years and this is the best device i have used. I also have the S4 and I love the ONE so much more. You can have so many apps open and it does not even get slow ever. I never close then down in the background. The camera is a amazing and the options on it are endless.

Battery life is amazing and I am a heavy user. I don't find mine heats up at all. The speakers are awesome and super loud. The headset that comes with it are really good. I would tell you to get it you won't regret it. 


The phone doesn't heat up even if you're streaming or downloading on LTE?

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I have the phone and have been using it since day one of release. Love it. amazing device, can't recommend it enough

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Honestly, the HTC One has been the most premium smartphone I've owned. It's fast, sleek, and best of all, gets comments like nobody's business when they see how pretty it is.

The metal body will distribute heat along the length of the phone a lot more than a plastic phone will, but that IS a benefit, as it keeps it from overheating and/or damaging parts of the phone due to heat concentration.

I was looking through my gallery the other day, and I kid you not, I have not ONE blurry photo, including ones taken while driving down Highway 1 at over 100kmph. The Ultrapixel camera is fantastic and I don't think I can go back to a camera that does not have it.


I definitely would suggest this phone to anyone, you'll love it.


In addition to all the great things that have already been said, the preloaded apps the HTC One come with are great too!


The TV app is one of my favourites. It only takes  a few simple steps to get it all set up. It allows you to use your phone as a remote for your TV and cable box. If you enter your cable service provider's information, you'll be able to access your TV guide and set reminders for your favourite shows right from your phone. Works great with Rogers/Bell service in Ontario. We don't have TELUS TV out here, but I'm sure it works just as well.


I can't recommend this smartphone enough - it's by far the best I've ever owned. I played with my friend's S4 - nowhere near as nice. Good camera, great battery, and I don't think anyone has mentioned the HDR microphone yet, it's amazing quality.


A couple tips for new owners:


-Pressing the home key twice will bring up the task manager;

-Holding the home key will bring up Google Now;

-If you ever have any issues that would normally require removing the battery, hold the power and volume up button for 8 seconds for a hard reset.



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I guess everyone here either doesn't have the phone or are not gamers because I have a review HTC ONE HTC sent me to do a review and I found a big performance issue with the very first day I had it. The device works great unless you are playing graphic intense games such as Real Racing 3 for over an hour or two. After that time the device will be hot and when it reaches a certain temperature the device will begin to lag and stutter right in the game, frames will begin to get choppy the tracks in RR3 will quickly chop when car is at speed and get more noticeable when one crashes. I believe this is due to the 1 solid piece of aluminum the phone is built out of somehow because I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 which has the exact same processor CPU and GPU but clocked at an even higher 1.9ghz then the HTC ONE clocked at 1.7ghz and the same 2gb of RAM but the S4 is built of polycarbonate (plastic) and it doesn't experience this issue at all there is no lag what so ever. This is even after hours more than the HTC ONE since the battery in the HTC ONE isn't the greatest and it can be difficult to make it through a full day and it doesn't have the option of a second battery being popped in because there's no removable battery in the HTC ONE.TThen when the battery is dead it takes a ridiculously long time to charge the battery to full again, I'm talking twice as long as the Galaxy S4 even though the s4 has a much larger battery capacity.

The display on the HTC ONE is beautiful until you put it next to the Galaxy S4 and then the HTC ONE looks dull and sort of washed out, it is slightly better than the S4 in direct sunlight but not by much. The minimalistic sense 5 skin is great if you like more of a vanilla Android experience but you don't have many extra features,  especially compared to the S4 which has more than you'll ever need it feels but they're great to have.

The build of the HTC ONE is very nice to look at and is well built but not the most comfortable device to hold for long periods of time. Like I said the build quality is great but it doesn't matter what it's made of because the glass will break just as easy on the HTC ONE than on any other device and if you do break it your SOL because it's impossible to fix and you'll have to just buy a new one which would be very costly. The Galaxy S4 on the other hand the Galaxy S4 is yes made out if plastic but like I said you need a case really on any phone so you cover that plastic anyways and even if you do break the glass on the Galaxy S4 its fairly easy to fix yourself with instructions online or pay someone to fix it for much cheaper than that brand new phone your buying if you damage the HTC ONE. You know by reading this that I told you there's a issue with performance on the HTC ONE which was to answer your question and as you can tell I personally recommend the Samsung Galaxy S4 which I find as the perfect phone,  or closest to it available in the world today. I'd grab an S4 you won't be disappointed.






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I find it interesting about the HTC one and different facts about it. In the end I think it's the user that has to decide on what they want. Here's my personal thoughts on it.


HTC ONE has probably the best camera on the market right now (specs and performance wise) with an F2.4 Aperture (I think that's the right figure), it's the lowest of any phone. It's UltraPixel Camera is the first of it's kind plus there is an optical image stabilizer (most phones come only with a digial stabilizer). This is huge for those who take videos or take action shots. Plus ZOE is a great addition and is a one up from the Blackberry time shift. So if you're looking for a great phone with the best camera option unlike any other phone, HTC ONE is for you. Plus, a lot of people appreciate the solid build that HTC offers compared to what Samsung offers.


Samsung has amazing devices and has been at the top of their game for the last couple of years now. You can never go wrong with the S4. Bigger screen, faster processor, and a 13MP camera. But More MP doesn't mean anything to a camera nowadays unless you plan to blow up the picture onto a poster board. Therefore, when selecting a phone, look at the innovations that it brings. Performance is a minor different now and most people wouldn't be on their phones for over 2 hours on a game unless mobile gaming is your thing. So make sure when you make a decision, the device fits your needs, fits your hands, and does what you expect it to.

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This phone is amazing! What I want to know is if other colors of this phone will be coming out like the most generic of them all. BLACK! Also can't wait to see if the HTC One Mini will be sold at Telus. Hands down the best phone on the market!

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Paul, you didn't have any problems with the S4 having stability issues?  Every S4 user that I have contact with (quite a few, including my wife and my brother in law) complain constantly about the phone shutting down apps suddenly that are a lot more basic than RR3.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Gmail just suddenly close and the user is booted to the home screen.  This isn't a problem with the user accidentally bumping the home button.  The app just closes.


Considering the vast majority of smartphone users do not use a graphics intensive game for hours on end, I would consider the issue you mentioned to be a non-issue when compared with force-closing basic social and productivity apps.  Using Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail are a lot more popular (and important in most peoples view) and there is no reason they shouldn't run without force-closing.


Not to mention the price difference on the two phones.  $229 for a S4 is steep considering the specs are very nearly on-par with the HTC One.


This doesn't even begin to touch on the features that are on the HTC One and not the S4: Beats Audio, amplified headset jack, dual front facing speakers, fantastic ultrapixel camera, and a lack of gimicky software that impedes the user experience more than it enhances it (yes, I know that last one isn't really a feature).  Yes, the S4 has a removeable battery and expandable memory, but lets not forget that the HTC One is a 32GB device out of the box, and the S4 is only 16GB.  This means to make the S4 equal to the One, not only are you spending $80+ more up front, but now you have to buy a 16GB microSD card as well.


Also, why do you say the glass on the HTC One is impossible to fix?  Digitizers are available nearly everywhere, and the LCD panel is also available.  Any repair shop would be able to repair the phone easily, instruction videos are readily available on YouTube, and the cost of the parts is generally less expensive than a replacement screen for the S4.  And that isn't even considering TELUS non-warranty flat rate.


All in all, for everyone but the most die-hard power gamer, the HTC One is a better recommendation.  

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I had s3. Sometimes when i copy text or link from chrome and paste it like in whats app, it would do a soft restart. Wouldn't take as long as it does from typical restart. This bug existed for year until I got HTC one.



No problem whatsoever with HTC one. I did not get s4 despite it being faster because it lags. Whats the point of good mobile camera when it takes a while to open? HTC one, everything is instant. Slow processor = slightly less power use and still outperforming samsung because of better code thanks to HTC for no adding random gimmicls which one uses for max 1 week.

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