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HTC 10

Friendly Neighbour
Hey guys, just wondering, does anyone know if Telus is going to carry the new HTC 10? I seen they dropped the HTC M9 a couple months back, not sure why. Thanks.

Community Power User
Community Power User

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Friendly Neighbour

I saw on the Koodo website that the only carrier for the HTC 10 will be Bell at this point.  I'm going to guess no


I noticed a lot of problems came with the HTCs and I barely had the phone for 3 months and it completely died on me.  No problems with the replacement but I suspect HTC in the beginning didn't come off as a good phone to go with for a lot of people.

Just Moved In

sure hope so come june or july


it's a unique phone: i'm a bit of an audiophile (fab site is

here is why this phone is unique esp if quality sound is your gig:



was very skeptical of HTC's claims of excellent headphone audio on the HTC 10. Not only was I surprised at the results of both audio benchmarking and listening, but I found out my skepticism (as well as most everyone else with the same concerns) was unfounded.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 does a lot of things right, but clear audio isn't one of those things. Something in the digital to analog converter circuit introduces an extreme amount of noise and crosstalk into the analog output, and phones like the U.S. Galaxy S7 and LG G5sound pretty poor because of this.

After doing some testing, I was presented with results that just didn't make sense from the HTC 10 — it was better than it should be, even with extra work and attention to the analog circuit that brings signal from the DAC output to the headphone jack. You can only do so much magic to a bad signal. I asked HTC how they did it, and found out that some assumptions about the HTC 10 audio hardware that the internet (and myself) has are incorrectThe HTC 10 uses a stand-alone DAC as well as headphone amp and isn't using the Snapdragon 820 DAC. This is pretty important, and why the HTC 10 sounds as good as it does.

We use a discrete DAC (not one on the SoC) in addition to the amp and have done a ton of PCB engineering to insure the best possible signal-to-noise ratio. Credit to HTC engineering, not off-the-shelf components.

The HTC 10 uses a stand-alone DAC as well as headphone amp


Just Moved In

aw man i hope so.  I'm so dissappointed that telus isn't carrying it.  It's all samsung, iphone.  Hopefully it will come out in July