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Galaxy S7 Nougat update for Telus??

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I have been to Samsung's websited and confirmed the Nougat update is out for Galaxy S7 phones. WHY is it taking so long for Telus to release it for their clients? I will definetly consider this next time I think about buying a locked phone with them. I guess buying unlocked is the way to go from here. 


A pissed off costumer.


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Yep time to switch companies for sure. Looking at Bell Plans had a phone with them and never had this much trouble getting an answer from a company. Telus does not have a ounce of respect for its customers, still no update date while the rest of the companies have rolled it out or have a date.  


I too will be switching to bell or someone else when my contract is over.  And I probably will be looking at the google phones and getting rid of samsung and its bloatware.  

Wow, if the delivery speed of a software update is the main qualifier to your choice of service provider, you have super-low standards and you'll fit better with Bell or Rogers. Telus won't miss you. 

Well, considering that includes the frequency with which they release security updates (nothing between November and March); yeah, it's a pretty big deal for since people and businesses. They're not just toys for sending **bleep** pics.

I use my devices for business. I'm not bothered. My devices are secure. OS updates are not the only way to secure your devices.


Then I forgot to add: when actual security is at risk, as with Stagefright, Samsung and Telus get patches out very quickly. Security updates in OS upgrades are not of paramount importance.

why do you want it so bad ?

I've had several Galaxy phones: the Galaxy S, Note 2, Note 4, and S7. I bought a Google Pixel and used it for a week before giving it to my daughter and buying the S7 for myself. It's true that Samsung is slower than Google in releasing updates, but they do eventually come. And really, though the Pixel is a great phone, snappy, good camera, fantastic fingerprint unlock speed, and you get Android updates in a hurry, it is at the end of the day a boring phone compared to the S7 (IMHO). The bells and whistles on the S7, and on all high-end Galaxy models, make them a lot more fun to use and personalize. For me, that makes it worth it to wait for Samsung to get around to releasing Android OS updates. 

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The update is available now. My Telus S7 just completed the Nouget 7.0 update at 1000 mountian time.

Yup me too! It's updating as I'm typing!

Pretty sad telus

Why is it sad? We're getting it at the same time as Rogers.

The communication with the costumers are sad. The update schedule on a web is sad. I think this is what he was referring.

After upgrading the S7 edge to the Nougat 7.0. 

Do you guys still have the tethering icon for the quick setting?  Mine is missing. 

I can't find any way to add it there, can only do it the hard way, settings->connections->Mobile hotspot and tethering

Samsung removed system ui tuner so you cannot add a quick icon you have to do it the long way

Go to Google play store and download the app power toggles this will give you all the options you want including data on off or hotspot etc

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to restore data toggle and hotspotfrom your quick panel on nougat, follow these steps -