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Galaxy S7 Nougat update for Telus??

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I have been to Samsung's websited and confirmed the Nougat update is out for Galaxy S7 phones. WHY is it taking so long for Telus to release it for their clients? I will definetly consider this next time I think about buying a locked phone with them. I guess buying unlocked is the way to go from here. 


A pissed off costumer.


Ok thank you for the clarification. I guess it's not Telus fault then..

Google Pixel phone, here i go!


I love my Pixel XL. Stock android is fast, the camera rivals the S7E/Note 7 for quality, and you get the monthly security updates. You can also opt to test the 7.1.2 beta if you like. I'm running it now, and it's stable.

It is Telus fault. Samsung Canada send an Nougat update to the carriers. Rogers is working on it about month now and finally they will push the update to the costumers on March 20th. Bell is working on it. They say it should be rolled out by the end of this month. Telus nothing. So i don't believe that Samsung Canada gave an update to Rogers and Bell but not to Telus.  

So right now, most of your competition including Bell and Rogers have released or at least announced the update but Telus is dead silent.


What is going on????  


I tried calling your technical support and the answer I got is:  There's bugs on Pixel and Nexus devices so we're not launching it....  ARE YOU SERIOUS????  That is one of the most BS answers I got in quite a while.


YOUR CUSTOMERS are asking for the update since it is going well on virtually every other carriers releasing it worldwide (and as of this week country wide).  You guys will not make me believe that somehow the update is buggy on TELUS phones and not any others.


Also it is so frustrating as a customer to see that TELUS doesn't care enough about it's customers to have someone who is informed within the company to respond to these threads.  You let your customers debate in comments instead of actually trying to help....   Maybe it's time for me to make the switch to another carrier.

I know the feeling being with telus for more than 23 yrs and Telus has yet to get there act together to provide updates to its customers,

at the end of the day if mobile carriers can not supply these updates with in a proper time of the first release date, then do not but your bloat where as we do not need your telus bloat, so does ANYONE AT TELUS HAVE THE CORRECT ANSWER?

if not ill find a carrier that will provide the updates that are released or just buy from samsung unlocked phones 

You'd think a company that over charges and gouges the wallets of hard working people, would be able to post updates on matters such as this. Do any telus employees even read the forums?

I for one, will be buying myself out and leaving this over priced and under supported company for good.

Thanks telus. Thanks for nothing.

Why don't you answer our questions Telus? Nice relationship you have with your costumers. Why do you have this page if you don't read it? Is it hard to let us know about your progress and approximation date, the plan about pushing out the new update. It's not shame to be the last one, it's shame not to communicate with your costumers. And please don't answer "we don't know" cause we don't ask about exact date, we ask for a info how far you went with the update and when we could expect the update out. Is it hard to give us at lest an idea while every other carrier enjoying the update rolled out already. And don't forget that we are on a security patch from November 6. It is April soon. Six months old security patch.

Again Telus has updated their Software Update Schedule page and still no mention of 7.0 for the S7 and S7 Edge.  Most other Canadian carriers, including 2 of the Big 3, have already released the update (Bell/Virgin, SaskTel, Freedom, Eastlink) or have provided a target release date (Rogers).  Come on Telus, at least tell us something.  I'd prefer to get the update straight from Telus but may just cave and flash firmware from one of the other carriers or change my CSC to force an update like some users have.  Thanks for the wonderful customer service Telus...

yawn. since freedom has 7.0 rolling out change your csc from telus to freedom get the update then change it back to telus done. zzzzzzzzz there no warranties broken no rooting. either do it or wait I just hand gifted you how to get it easy and fast.

::: drops microphone :::

I'm a newbie. How do I change the CSC?

Telus representative said over the phone that they didn't get the Nougat from Samsung because they don't want it. They said it's full of bugs on Pixel and Nexus 6 phones so they will not launch the update on GS7/GS7 Edge.

So we have only 3 options to get the long expected update

1. Flash it with Odin

2. Change the CSC and force the update from another carriers or

3. Change the carrier (Telus)

Looks like Telus is skipping the Nougat update.

Just Moved In

ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH   this is ridiculous. I have talked to the them also they say its coming. This lack of information is getting to me.


Big question is,

why Telus don't update the schedule page to coming soon or something, why we wonder in the dark not knowing is nougat coming or no and approximately when? Would that be hard? Why Telus, why?

Can you pm me where you got the firmware you used to flash with?  Or direct me in the right direction?

I would HIGHLY recommend against this. If you don't know what you're doing, you risk voiding your warranty.


See inside the S7 (and many other phones) there is a small memory chip that can be written on only once. Samsung calls it Knox but Motorola has one too. If you flash the wrong software you risk tripping that switch. There's no going back after that and your warranty will be void. It won't necessarily damage your phone but it can if you flash the wrong software.


Although I understand being impatient for the next release (it is 7 bloody months late) I'm still waiting for it and I've flashed phones before. But I just don't think it's worth risking your phone's warranty or flashing shady firmware for this. Heaven comes to he who waits! Now whether Nougat is heaven or not is another story.


Also, don't listen to the people you call. There's no way in hell Telus is going to watch all its competitors release a software and not do it too (at least not on a high end phone). My guess is they have no idea what they're talking about in that regards.


It's a real shame Telus is keeping us in the dark though. Giving us an approximate date or a reason for it being delayed so much would be good customer service. 


That's just my two cents.

I got impatient and flashed my S7 edge using Odin. Was easy, just had to reinstall my apps. Just search for S7 edge firmware and give it a couple of hours to download and you need Windows. Still has Telus bloatware funny enoigh even though I used the Bell firmware.

I suspect the software is somehow tied in with the CSC. I too got impatient and switched my CSC to Bell and got the OTA. It had the Bell apps installed and as when I used the *#272*IMEI# trick to reset to TLS it rebooted and had the Telus apps.

Forgot to mention that Knox is intact.

I followed the CSC switch trick to spoof a Bell phone and downloaded their OTA directly and then switched back to Telus. No Knox trip and a totally legit update.

I’d give one caveat that I wasn’t aware of. The CSC switch will wipe your phone so be prepared to reinstall your apps.

I just wanted to warn a user who admittedly didn't know what he was doing about the risks. But I'm glad it worked out for you guys! 🙂


That said I'm a little off on certain details about build numbers and model numbers. See, even if model numbers match (SM-G930W8) the build number and CSC do not. 


Bell's PDA is G930W8VLU2BQB6 and its CSC is G930W8OYA2BQB6 whereas Telus' PDA is G930W8VLU2APK3 and its CSC is G930W8OYA2APK3. I don't know if this could cause an issue with the device.


Also, once you've updated to the Bell version, will you have to switch to Bell for each update?


Just go to Samsmobile sign up for an account go to firmware and search, i have bell 7.0 running on my s7 edge make sure to use samsung switch and do a backup then odin3 make sure to use odin3_v3.12.5,

do not waste your time with telus as soon as my contract is up see yea im heading over to bell as they seem to up to date on the roll outs 

so you just lost a 24years of loyal service telus see ya.