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Galaxy S7 Nougat update for Telus??

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I have been to Samsung's websited and confirmed the Nougat update is out for Galaxy S7 phones. WHY is it taking so long for Telus to release it for their clients? I will definetly consider this next time I think about buying a locked phone with them. I guess buying unlocked is the way to go from here. 


A pissed off costumer.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Only Samsung's American website says it's released there. Samsung Canada has no announcements on releases yet. This isn't on Telus. For many years Samsung has had the reputation of being one of the worst companies for releasing updates. Averaging 6-9 months behind Google. If you want updates faster, avoid Samsung.

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This is not about Samsung!
Late update release in Canada is caused by Providers, please provide people correct information.

Samsung announced that OS update on their phone will be faster, and they have done it this year for Galaxy S7, but Canada is still slow because of carriers. this is not just a guess! here is the link from Telus:



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@AliM - As I have said previously in this discussion, only Samsung's American website says it's released there. Samsung Canada has no announcements on releases yet.


Official Samsung Canada News and announcements.

Official Samsung Canada Twitter.


Please watch those websites for the official announcement from Samsung for Nougat in Canada.

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this is ridiculous. we are being shafted big time by Samsung canada/telus. users from the smallest countries in Europe are posting they are getting the update. Canada nothing. ridiculous.

why are you crying over this update? why Is it so important you get it? you want to get ahead root your phone and update it when these first come out.

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Crying? Stop being apologetic.I want all the new features nougat will bring to the s7, if you don't know the features or don't care, then why are you wasting your time replying? People want software upgrades, slot of users join beta programs of apps or software cause they want to test it first, even the play store lets you join beta programs for apps, so stop asking why people are "crying" for wanting the latest software upgrade to device that's worth 900$

then get a pixel or a device that gets instant updates since you are so concerned about updates and the fact you spent 900 $$ on a phone get one that gives you updates first. or did you not do research about samsung they are always slow with updates in canada.

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they weren't slow with marshmallow last time in Canada

The new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P were released on 22 October, and they both have it pre-installed. Android 6.0.1 was officially released on 7 December 2015 and in most cases, we'd expect updates to arrive on this latest version.Apr 21, 2016

Samsung has announced the kick-off of its Marshmallow update campaign on February 15. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were the only devices officially confirmed to receive the update, but the following devices are rumored to receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Galaxy S5.

2-3 months later. now with the notes exploding and samsung under the microscope things are being brushed over with a fine comb for obvious reasons. Canada doesn't get things right away. see below;

"So far, Android 6.0.1. is available for subscribers with Eastlink and others will follow shortly after. The update for the Galaxy S6 edge has arrived on Bell. Telus’ “Software Update Schedule,” has the update for the GS6 edge listed as April 14th, and the GS6 at April 18th." well passed Feb 15

like I said if updates are something to be a massive urgency then get a pixel or a nexus. or root your device. coming on the forums crying about your update not coming fast enough isn't going to move things any faster.

here is a good read for people who do not understand the complex work required for phone updates and are too lazy to Google why and complain on forums

Friendly Neighbour
Carriers around the world are pushing nougat on s7 and I'm asking my
carrier which I have been a loyal customer for years about information on
my update. Get a life if you're gonna troll people for asking their
carrier about phone updates. We spend a lot of money on these devices,
Nougat was released on August 22 and it's now March 6, it is not
unreasonable to customers to ask for a TIME FRAME. Like I said, get a life
bro and do something else than trolling people.

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Oh look, @bell_Supported tweeted: "@Insidethemask1
Hi there, although we don't have an
exact date but nougat update is scheduled to be out this month. Stay tuned!
10:56 AM - 6 Mar 2017"

Atleast some carriers are responding to their customers.

Rogers rolling out nougat to GS7 on March 20th. It's on Roger's update schedule web page. Telus should give us at least an idea how far they went update wise.

It's possible that they don't know the exact time, but they should know how far they went into an update if they started, and they should know time frame. They should have a better communication with their costumers.

This is a forum thread dealing specifically with updates for the Galaxy S7. Please explain to me how your self-righteous trolling helps that topic. 

If you're so superior that you've purchased something other than a Samsung, why are you wasting your time preaching to others? Are you really so sad and lonely that this is your pass time? 

You're offering nothing constructive; in fact you're advocating people void their warranty by rooting and running third party roms. 


Run along and play, adults are talking. 

I have a gs7 edge and I'm explaining why it's taking so long if you read my post properly. and posted a link to why things take so long. like the other person posted even bell doesn't have it out yet so it's not telus' fault they need to ensure it works with their added software to each device. if stating my opinion is trolling then you 13 yr Olds with mommy's cell phone add on plans need to relax. there is a website that states when updates are released if it's not there then it's not coming yet. I gave you options on what to do with your phone either get a different one next contract or root it if the waiting game isn't your thing. now go get a teething cracker and settle down. the update will be here when it gets here. and don't rush to download it because if there is an error on your device this topic better bring tissues because I'm sure all you will be back complaining again close this topic it's dead.

There's an easy solution for you. You're satisfied, then leave this topic. You've got nothing of value to contribute, you're dissatisfied with the conversation, then leave.

From what I saw in the comments of that article, even Wind/Freedom customers are receiving Nougat. And from Telus?



Eastlink rolling nougat out as well and from the Telus software update web page there is no even plans to update anything in the near future. Maybe Telus is done with the updates for this year, or they need to update the page. How hard is to do that, if you at lest have an idea of your plans in near future. My guess is that they didn't even start testing Nougat yet which means the other carriers will start pushing nougat to gs6 before Telus is done for gs7. 


As stated above, it's on Samsung, not Telus. You will note that none of the Canadian carriers have it yet. Once Samsung Canada decides to release it to the carriers, which could be months knowing Samsung, then Telus can provide a release date.


That's why I turfed Samsung (well ok, this and the fact that my Note 7 could have burned my house down) and got a Pixel XL. Fast updates and no Samsung bloatware.