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Galaxy Note 7 Recall


I am curious on if Telus plans to honor the Samsung recall on the Note 7 and offer up replacement devices pending Samsung's investigation?


Regarding the accessories purchased on Amazon, just email Amazon (contact us)  and reference the Note 7 recall and you will get a quick reply with a link to print the return labels. Once they receive the item back, they will refund you.


It seems Telus is really the only carrier/retailer who is giving customers so much trouble. Very poor customer service and leadership.

I think I get it! Like you paid $550 upfront, $500 of that was the upfront cost of the Note 7 and $45 of that was your device balance? You can go a couple ways there. You could have the entire amount refunded, included the $45 for your old device balance and have your old contract reinstated. At my calculations, you'd probably have like a month left and your device balance would only be like $20 by now. Your device balance decreases every month and I'm assuming you've been waiting 3 weeks for the Note 7, or replacement, or you preordered. Then after a month you could go down to bring your own device pricing. Kind of a hassle. If you spoke to the loyalty department they may just waive the whole thing for you. You could have just the $500 waived, just leave the $45 you already paid and go to the bring your own device pricing or just jump right into a new contract again. We are offering $100 rebate off any Samsung smartphones on a 2 year contract or $25 off any other brand of smartphone on a 2 year contract. 

Mobility Client Care Rep


To quote you....


"( We were running a limited time $200 off promotion that is now over. We are still honoring the $200 towards whichever device you choose to exchange for)

Trade in value however cannot be redeemed for cash or in store credit."


If Telus does not give in store credit or cash value of the device I traded in, then you better be producing the phone I traded in for that discount.

The whole situation is frustrating for everyone which is why Telus is doing their best to help their customers. Once you trade in your device it is sent to be recycled. It's not held for any length of time so the location you traded it in at would no longer have it. The $200 trade in promo ended Oct 2 and never offered any store credit or cash value at the time if trade in either. The promo was given to any device even if it was listed at less than $200 value on our trade in value tool. The options available to you would be to get a full refund on your Note 7 and accessories and use the trade in credit towards a new device or do the full refund and bring your own device pricing. If you have a share plan you could use the upgrade to give another family member a new device until a new device comes out that piques your interest. You don't have to pick a Samsung. This can be any device!
Mobility Client Care Rep

Just Moved In

My note 7 has been sitting since September and meanwhile the dealership is telling me to wait and wait. I had to buy another phone. Telus is a just a nightmare to deal with when it comes to exchange/refund. At least Rogers had FAQ; what did Telus have? Oh power down your device and return your device to the point of sale. But the point of sale is telling me to wait. 

a small bit of positive news
Samsung confirms Note 8 in development, promises Korean Note 7 customers will get 50 percent discount on new smartphone
as far as refunds go...I got my extra warranties refunded and the cost of the phone....just waiting game for the 100buck bonus