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Galaxy Note 7 Recall


I am curious on if Telus plans to honor the Samsung recall on the Note 7 and offer up replacement devices pending Samsung's investigation?


I did the same thing. Spent like 100 in accessories but Samsung doesn't give a s$@t.

I did find this on the Samsung webpage.


Link is here.....


This point may be what we are looking for.


"Beginning Thursday, October 13th, Samsung Note7 owners can bring their device to the original Samsung or authorized reseller point of purchase, to:
• Exchange towards a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge device.
• Receive a refund for the Note7 device and Note7 specific accessories. "



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In regards to returning your Note 7's whether they be the original Note 7 you never got or the Note 7 replacement you did or did not receive or the accessories you purchased towards the Note 7:


The 15 day and 30 return policies that normally apply to accessories and devices are being waived in this case. This is for Telus deals so I can't speak to the third party vendor I saw mentioned, Spicago or something? That is up to their discretion unfortunately, but it doesn't hurt to go there and ask. 

If you purchased anything on head to the nearest Telus store. 

If you had traded in any old device towards the Note 7, whatever trade in value you were given, will still be applied to whatever new device you pick. ( We were running a limited time $200 off promotion that is now over. We are still honoring the $200 towards whichever device you choose to exchange for)

Trade in value however cannot be redeemed for cash or in store credit. 

That's as much as we've been told so far. 

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Thanks for the info! What I'm wondering is about device balance. I have paid around $45 of my remaining device balance on the Note 7. I assume they refund my original $550, but what about the $45 I've paid of the remaining $500? Does that make sense?

@Techjunkie Good point. I do know that Telus doesnt like to let the public know that once the contract is complete they qualify for the "Bring your own device" savings.


I may, after all is said and done, go back to using my Galaxy S6 Edge. And since I had to break my contract and pay out the remainder of my device balance with that phone to get the Note 7 on a NEW contract, my contract once returning the Note7 should be null and void. Hence qualifying me for the "bring your own phone" savings.

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   Just a small comment: once a subscriber completes paying out their device balance, they are eligible to switch to a current BYOD plan. How great a savings this is over their existing plan depends on the price of current plans and cost increases since they made their purchase.

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eligible to switch to a current BYOD plan?


It should be an automatic discount. Phone is paid for after contract is complete. Get savings until next phone is bought on contract.

I think I understand, you mean just refund the Note 7 and accessories and do bring your own device pricing? Of course! You're not a contract you can certainly do that! I'm not sure about the automatic part! There's a lot of Ifs there. I don't think it's going to be automatic because Telus would not proactively encourage people to get out of contracts. They want to encourage them to have the latest and greatest and enjoy their phone. They will most likely be emailing and texting and sending a letter to advise of the situation and their options. I think most people would be upset if we proactively made changes on their account without their permission.
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I think their point is that if they traded in a device and got credit towards the Note 7, but then decide to simply return the Note 7 for a full refund, what happens to that credit? They clearly have lost the device, that's a given. But they've also lost their ability to use that device as a trade in for a future phone purchase or upgrade.

Many people, myself included, did an early upgrade or cancelled a plan with another provide, just to come to Telus and get the Note 7 (that's what I did, left Bell). Now there are ZERO options out there on the market and available from Telus that even come close to the specs on the Note 7. For me, the ONLY reason that I upgraded was to get the latest and greatest phone that was brand new, so that it would be current for as long as possible, continue to be supported with software updates etc for as long as possible.

Now people like me are stuck. I have no good options. Either I suck it up and get a full refund, lose all my credits and trade in, and go to someone else (though there aren't any providers with good phones on the market that are brand new), or I suck it up and take an S7 Edge or S7, and accept a phone that's almost a year old already, but be stuck into a two year contract and end up with a two year old phone (which is when I usually upgrade) with a year left on the contract, or what is my other option? It sucks, and losing the credits and everything else is an even bigger kick in the teeth, after all this hassle and cost already.

What if I wanted to use one of my old devices for now, and upgrade to a Samsung S8, or whatever the next Note type phone is, or something else? Will Telus put the credits that I had towards my Note 7 on hold until a good phone is released, so that I can still use those credits but also get a nice new phone that I'll be happy with for two years?

I was in the same situation as you, you should call telus and explain it to them. I give telus alot of credit. Ill never go with Samsung again, but telus stepped up as they should.

I called Samsung Canada and was told we would be given a $100 bill credit if we return our note 7 and replace it with another samsung phone. I called Telus and no one seems to know about this yet. Can anyone let  us know when this will be in effect? 


Much to my husbands disbelief, I don't even want to return my Note 7. I recieved a replacement phone and have been very happy with it and not once has it overheated. There is no other phone i would like and if i wanted to get a S7 edge i would have gotten it at the time instead of paying almost four times more for the Note 7. It seems like i will have to return it now though since most airlines will not allow Note 7's on the plane at all....

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@Dee8998 wrote:

I called Samsung Canada and was told we would be given a $100 bill credit if we return our note 7 and replace it with another samsung phone. I called Telus and no one seems to know about this yet. Can anyone let  us know when this will be in effect? 



Give it a day or two to filter through. It is likely some of the folks involved will be back at work on Monday.


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@Dee8998 wrote:

I recieved a replacement phone and have been very happy with it and not once has it overheated. It seems like i will have to return it now though since most airlines will not allow Note 7's on the plane at all....

Samsung can't guarantee the "replacement phones won't have an issue. There have been failures with them as well. Considering they stopped the Manufacturing, leads me to believe it is more then a battery issue. The phone more then likely has a design flaw in the board that can't be fixed without a total redesign, the bad manufactured batteries were just a warning to more serious problems. Whether or not Samsung was aware of potential issues remains to be seen. The phone should NOT be used, regardless if a replacement or not. It's literally a ticking time bomb. Samsung has dropped the ball and left all carriers and retailers to deal with the fall out. It's no small task to get refunds, credits etc rolling and will take them some time.

Exactly! It's not like the carriers just have to pull all stock and advertising, and call it a day. They also have to get every Note 7 they sold OUT of our hands and replace them with something else. This requires account changes for every account, plus any credits Samsung chooses to advertise. That and Samsung's communication throughout has been horrid.

The logistics must be a nightmare. Give them a bit to figure it out. I'm going on a flight Tuesday, and my business rep is going to get me into my replacement phone tomorrow, and we'll sort out the paperwork/credits/whatever when I get back. I'm totally cool with that. They have been great.

I understand your frustrations totally. However, this is one of those situations where you look and think how could anyone have known? In all the phones and all the trade ins, how long can we reasonable hold on to your aging technology? The phones are not lost, they are recycled. You chose to trade it in and knew there was a good chance you were not getting it back. You did not reasonably think, what if something goes wrong with my brand new Samsung Note 7 and I need my old device back because the scenario was so unlikely and the $200 off was so tempting. I really have no explanation as to why the trade in value credit is only being honored upon return. My guess would be that they are already extending the 30 day policy and are just assuming the majority of Note 7 customers are needing vs wanting a phone and going to grab another Samsung in the meantime and they want to put a limitation period on it. I can't fathom when we are going to get another phone comparable to the Note 7. I mean maybe if LG can whip something up in the next 6 months or if Samsung can? But then Telus would have to honor that trade in credit for like 6 months? 

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@Mobility_Princess Have you guys become alcoholics yet? Lol

I can't imagine the "fun" you are all having, trying to deal with the fallout of this mess Samsung dropped on you. I have dealt with Samsung before on issues, so I know their communication isn't exactly stellar.....


Samsung kills the Note 7, and the carriers are left to deal with us angry owners. We all have to remember this. This is on Samsung, not Telus. Samsung passed the buck to them by saying we all have to go to our original point of purchase to refund/exchange.

The problem of the faulty device is on Samsung obviously. But everything else is on Telus. The other carriers have handled it extremely well. Telus is the exception. Just look to Rogers FAQ on how they are handling the exchange/refund. All the info is there. They made it clear what devices are considered of equal value and how people will get the $100 credit. 


Look at Telus FAQ. It just says to power off device and exchange/refund. Everything is vague. I switched from Rogers to Telus just to get the Note 7. How ironic. Right now I'm more worried about being stuck with Telus for 2 years than the Note 7. Based on other posts here, it seems like it's going to be quite a hassle to get the $100 credit.  Telus looks very incompetent right now


@Garyc I've never been a rogers fan but that faq answers many of our questions.  Telus has been super slow to react and provide guidance for us customers.  What I was told by Telus is that I return the phone and there will be "no change to the contract".  The way  I understand it is, I will lose the note 7 and will only be left with a two year contract.  

I would think they would reverse the process. I returned my phone for a refund within the 30 days and everything just went back to as it was before the note process.

i called the store and was advised i would receive the difference i paid for the Note 7 credited but nothing about the $100 bill credit if i go with another samsung phone. I feel i should get  $210 back since i paid $360 for the Note 7 and then another $100 bill credit. Does that sound right?

Just some info for everyone. I too  preordered the note 7 from telus and then exchanged it for a device that wouldn't blow up lol. When I got the news that we all had to trade in our devices I phoned Telus to find out my options as I got my phone sent to my house. I was told to bring it into a corporate store and exchange it. I asked about the $100 bill credit Samsung said everyone would receive as I was going to get the S7 Edge. I was told that I would receive it. I also asked about my accessories I bought from Amazon and I was told that I need to bring the receipt and the accessories with me and I would get credit for them also.


So a couple days later I figured to just go do it. I went to a corporate store and I was told from the guy working there that they would not exchange my phone because i didn't buy it from him..........I told him thats not what telus told me and he said then go phone telus again because thats the direction he got from corporate. 


So I phone telus back again another hour on the phone with them. They told me to go to a different store and exchange it. I re confirmed all the same stuff with them about the accessories and the $100 and was told I would get it all.


I then drove 45 min to a different store to exchange my phone. I was in that store for 3 hours. They made me sign a new 2 year agreement and didn't give me any credit for the device balance I already paid off....NOT IMPRESSED, They told me the $100 was only a USA thing even thought I told them to go on the website and check it to verify still they wouldn't do anything with the $100........NOT IMPRESSED. I brought out my accessories and was told because I didn't buy them from telus they would not give me the credit for them.........NOT IMPRESSED.


So I got the S7 Edge and left 3 hours later and the whole time the store was empty its not like it was busy. Had to sit there while the rep was on the phone with Telus.


A couple days later I phoned Telus support again on the phone with them for another hour and got the same run around not money for device balance and they are not honoring the $100 bill credit. They did tell me I can go back tot he store with my accessories again and they will give me a credit for them. I dont want a credit I dont want to buy their over priced accessories you can get better quality ones on amazon for a fraction of the cost.


I then called Samsung to inquire why telus was not honoring their credits and had to open a ticket and wait 5 days for them to call me back.


Thats where I'm at now waiting for them to call me.


Already wasted countless hours on the phone and in store with telus. I would suggest anyone to hang onto their phone until they get all this worked out.


I really feel ripped off

$100 bill credit - didn't get

$45 in accessories - no refund

2 months work of device balance gone and no refund or credit.