Dual Sim phones on Telus?


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Would Telus ever release a Dual SIM phone?


I have two telus cell phones, one issued by work, and one for my personal life.  I want to preserve both numbers:  work callings going to the work number, and personal calls to that number, and I would like the ability to call out on both.


I know there are phones that can do this, and are common in other markets.  I have looked into importing one of these phones, but I have not yet found a phone that is compatiable with both SIM slots on the Telus network.  (Second SIM seems to always only operate on 2G GSM signals)


This leaves me with I believe are my options:


  1. Purchase an unlocked dual SIM phone and migrate my personal number to Rogers (they operate a network that will handle the current generation of dual sim phones.
  2. Have two phones like I currently do, and wait until a dual sim phone that will work on Telus's network is released, and purchase an unlocked phone.
  3. Have two phones, and wait until Telus releases a compatiable dual sim phone.

I would prefer option 3, because I have had good service from telus and don't want to switch, but switching to another network so I can send and receive calls on both numbers from one device would be the lesser of two evils in my eyes.

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You could transfer one number to a VoIP service, and run a SIP client on the phone.  This would net you two numbers on one phone in the interim.  No idea how battery life would be though.


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Hi Eulerian,


Although we don't support Dual Sim devices for the time being, in the category of Dual SIM active phones (ones that include two active transceivers) you could try Samsung Galaxy S Duos (GT-S7562) or HTC Desire 600. No guarantees though, and you might want to read user reviewes on those devices.


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Did you find a solution? I'm in the same shoes. I have a Bell work phone and a teus for private.


any update on this? I would also like to use a bell and telus sim with a dual Sim phone. Thanks 

I have a working solution, but it requires one carrier to be Rogers (2g gsm for voice on sim 2). It is the Oneplus X.
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None of the carriers in Canada will offer dual sim phones as it means the customer will not be theirs alone. Plus the demand is very small so the carriers won't order in phones that have a very small chance of selling.

The OnePlus X is one of many third party dual sim phones. I have yet to see a phone that has dual 3G SIM support. I have a phone that I was testing and uses GSM (Rogers/Fido) here in Canada and the reception is horrible. 

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A little product feedback....

I got myself one of those affordable, unlocked, Dual-SIM Que 4.5 phones that's sold via London Drugs/Roam Mobility.

-The dual sim is convenient.

-The screen is not as responsive as my Priv, nor my Samsung Edge.

-Battery life is not great... wondering if the dual sim setup would drain the battery quicker.

-the Android OS is "forked".  Cannot run Optik on the Go!

Things to consider when looking at dual sim phones...

-is the processor slower than the current phones?  Is it the latest Android version?

-phone quality

-battery life.

-are they using a forked OS where some Android apps will not work


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Costco also sometimes sells dual-SIM unlocked phones either online or in store (not linked to any carrier). That could be another alternative to try. 

I have a OnePlus 2, with dual Sim slots. Had a Rogers work Sim, and a Rogers personal Sim... It worked flawlessly. Switched my personal to Telus... Guess what? The Telus Sim only works when I assign the data to that Sim. If I choose to use the company data... I cannot send, receive voice, text, or data... That sucks.
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Looking at the phone specs on the SIM size, I notice both are Nano SIMs.  What happens if you reverse your Rogers and Telus SIM slots.  How does your data assignments behave?