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Does Telus support One Plus devices

Just Moved In

Thinking of getting the one plus 7 pro and i don't know of anyone with these devices in Canada. Thanks All.


So just to update on this situation, I had a very similar experience as @peterkieser .
Spent a significant amount of time talking to various individuals, until I finally got an escalation ticket going. Finally got a hold of someone in Quebec, who at first told me my device was completely incompatible. I then referenced this forum and told him that I he was incorrect, my device is indeed compatible. He then pulled a complete U-turn and said that yes, my device is compatible and that he can "flip the switch", but if he did, any later changes to my account could overwrite what he had done. So I thanked him, then he asked if we could continue through text. We went through rebooting and resetting my network settings, attempted to follow his instructions, but no change whatsoever. No word back from him since last Friday, June 4th.